Recommendation for Baroque music lovers

If you're a Baroque music lover and looking to buy a new CD may I suggest you treat yourself to Jean-Philippe Rameau/Orchestral Suites by Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century directed by Frans Bruggen?

These are the Suites from Acante et Cephise and Les Fetes d'Hebe on the Glossa label from Spain. This CD garnered critical acclaim when released but sadly went OOP. It's recently been re-released and if you like French theatrical music from this period you will be rewarded with a listen.

If you're new to this type of music, this is a nice change up from the usual JS Bach and Vivaldi fare.
Rameau is seriously under rated in America, as are both Couperins. But the worst is how neglected the English are, such as Gibbons, Tye, Lawes, and Locke.

Take a look at the Alia Vox label for many baroque alternatives (and more). Also very well produced with a focus on historic representation of the music. Both CD and SACD releases.
Agreed, one of my favorites of the period is Purcell.
Really enjoy Jordi Savall.