Rogue tempest magnum

I have the Rogue tempest intergrated amp . Can anyone tell me what kind the speaker used with them amply will makw the sound good.
I am a Rogue and Joseph Audio dealer and find that the 2 match very well together. Are you looking for a floorstander or bookshelf?
I don't have the Tempest, but do have a Cronus Magnum driving Tyler Acoustics Decade 2's. Have auditioned Eggleston Fontaines at their factory and they were driven by their Tempest - good match.

There are 4 or 5 systems listed in Agon's virtual system list that you can refer to online here.

Can always call Mark at Rogue and get some insight maybe from him based upon your music preferances, room etc.
meant Decade 3s
I drive Tyler 7U speakers with my Tempest Magnum. I have no idea what you would prefer but they work just fine for me.
A pair of Vandersteen 1 CIs series or 2CE Sig2s will work well with your amp and surly worth a listen.
They both offer the classic Boxless multi enclosure,phase and time correct design.
These designs put the money into the performance and seem to be more naturally open than bright.
The model 2 series offers full range performance scan speak drivers an easy amp load and is probably the main reason it has been the best selling speaker in high end audio.
Cheers Johnnyr Yes I am also a Dealer
I agree with Johnnyr........ For my ears, in my room, with my system..... Rogue Audio and Vandersteen are a perfect match ! Good luck with your search, and Happy Listening !