45 RPM Audiophile livestream today at 11:00 AM west coast!

Today at 11:00 AM west coast time, on his YouTube channel (45 RPM Audiophile) Michael Ludwig is hosting a panel discussion on the subject of the making of LP's. Panelists will include Chad Kassem of Analogue Productions/Acoustic Sounds/QRP (Quality Record Pressing), and mastering engineers Bernie Grundman and Ryan K. Smith. Be there or be square ;-) .



Put it on favorites and (for now) am able to play it from the beginning.



@sbank , Hendrix is god, Jeff Beck is the devil and Jimmy page is Peter. Eric is just too darn predictable for my taste. I always know which note is coming next.

I got bored and bailed after about a half hour. Fremer shoulda been there to keep it interesting.