2way speaker recommendations

Which 2 way loudspeakers sound best to you? All music is listened to. Price range below $10,000.
You will get lots of different recomendations. I recently listened to Wilson Sophia's and Krell Res 2, both worth an audition but I settled on Von Schweikert VR4SR's and am awaiting delivery. Also have heard great things about Wilson Bensch ACT. All of the above are under 10K new or used.
Merlin VSM-MX. A highly reliable, transparent, natural sounding speaker that serves as a reference speaker for many manufacturers. From a small company with an unparalleled level of support.
Search threads here or read all the reviews on audioreview.com Cheers,
Intuitive Design Summits. Utterly phenomenal beyond all possible belief, and yet virtually unknown among even most "hard core" audiophiles. I've reviewed them here on Audiogon. I believe that they probably sound even better than the OLD, 3 box version of the Audio Physic Calderas, although I'd love to do a shootout someday on my system. I thought that they sounded better--by a considerable margin--than any of the following speakers, all of which sounded great in their own right: Totem Winds, Paradigm S8's, Paradigm Studio 100 V 3's (which I owned for about a year), Aerial 7B's, JM Lab Micro Utopia Be, Totem Tabu, and whatever the Induction Dynamics 3000 dollar monitor is called.

If you JUST buy the speakers and the Path Stand System, it's about 5000 dollars. If you get the monoblock amplifiers, which are built into the stands but which "float" within that enclosure so as to avoid resonance, then add about 4200 or 5100 dollars, depending on whether you decide on the "high current" version. Those amplifiers are probably better than the old Essence Emeralds, which were something like 10,000 or more, I believe.
I'll second the Merlin VSM-MX recommendation from Sbank. I think the Merlins may be about as good as you will ever find in a 2-way floorstander. I definitely was extremely impressed when I heard them a couple months back. Worth every penny Bobby charges for them, IMO.

totem mani 2's with either totem or target 4 pillar stands. awesome full range musical sound.
Gonna have to put an asterisk next to the Merlin VSM's if you don't use Joule Electra tubes (or similar) then the VSM's really aren't THAT good. You have to feed the Merlin's what they want but Even with the Joule Electra compared to the ATC SCM20's they are not as neutral/accurate nor as detailed. A small step down to the ATC's IMO in almost every important aspect of playback.

If you're not afraid of something new the Focal SM8 pro monitors are ridiculously good, if you're not into Audiophile fluufernuutter sound and drink your music straight this monitor is downright shocking when setup properly. DSP EQ with Focal drivers is a dream combo, just run a digital cable from your transport to the speakers, fin. My pick for #1 right now

Dynaudio's C2's are another 2 way option, another very neutral speaker with the likes of YBA, Gryphon or Warner Imaging amplification can be the "best" too.

Note amp and speakers cannot be seperated in my opinion, to get the "best".

ie Dynaudio C2 with any well known tube amplifiers is a pretty weak sounding combo.
No special asterisk needed for Merlin VSM-MMs, in my actual experience. I haven't heard earlier VSM versions nor the MXs. I do know that I continue to be amazed by my MMs, two years in. Yes, they are set up within the range of what is recommended for them (I now use a ss Belles 150A Reference amp and Joule LA-150 pre). But I had them with gear that is not recommended--and my Merlins still sounded great, but not as tonally full and right as they do now. What I am hearing is highly resolved, natural, and smooth, with very good (not floor-shaking) bass weight; their impressive "audiophile" qualities (e.g., soundstage and imaging) are simply part of the overall package. I have no idea whether they are "the best" near or below their price point, particularly since I have no idea what this might mean without regard to one's preferences. Based on my preferences and on professional and user reviews, I bought my MMs sound unheard--and they're going nowhere in the forseeable future.