$1k preamp for McCormack DNA-125 recommendations?

I'm looking to get a nicer preamp to pair with my McCormack DNA-125. I'm looking to spend $1k or less for a new or used unit. I have no set preference for tubes or ss, and the pair would be driving my Ohm Walsh Super 2's (awesome speakers!). So far my short list includes:

- Mapletree Audio Line 2A SE or Ultra 4 SE
- Rogue Audio 66 or 99
- Manley Shrimp
- McCormack RLD-1

Are there any others that I should seriously consider? My current plan is to feed a Squeezebox & cd player to a Channel Islands VDA2 w/ VAC PSU - but if there's a better integrated preamp/dac that falls under the $2k mark I'd be interesed in hearing about those as well.

Thanks in advance!
I have been doing the same search, although my budget is slightly higher. So far, the Dehavilland Superverve w/NOS tubes I have tried sounds superb. I had issues with other tube preamps (due to high sensitivity of the McCormack) and sensitive speakers. You may not have that issue. The RLD-1 came up as a recommendation: they are available for under $1000 and upgrade-able! According to SMC, the upgraded RLD is close in performance to their newest preamp, the VRE.
Your amp sensitivity is 1V for full power iirc. This may not be a good match for a lot of tube preamps that have high gain. I would say get a mapletree pre and have Doc P lower the gain or get the RLD.
I would highly recommend looking for something tubed over SS. Not that you couldn't find a nice SS to mate with it, just that these amps work quite well with tubes.

You could also look into passive pre's, since the McCormack's are designed to work well with them also. But there's tradeoff's there as well, mostly being a certain lack of dynamics that a good active linestage brings to the table. One other drawback to a passive is the absolutely amazing transparency. Once you hear this you will be hard pressed to find an active pre that can match it (that is, if you still want that extra dynamic).

Are you running analog sources too? If not,the Z-Systems RDP/RDQ units are very good and run between $800-1700.These accept several digital inputs, with volume and parametric EQ in the digital domain.
I picked up a used McCormack RLD 1 and like it a lot, it works well with my DNA 125. You should be able to pick one up for less than 1k.
Audible Illusion 3A and SF SFL-2 should sound good with anything
Hi, if you can get a TLC-1, then you're made :-) Of course it is still a matter of personal taste. FYI - the TLC-1 is a "buffered" passive preamp.

For about a week i auditioned the DNA-125 and TLC-1 combo and they seemed perfectly made for each other. I think the TLC-1 is a fine preamp...but i had to let go the combo after a week because the DNA-125 can't drive my Sonus Faber the way a Krell does.

But try the TLC-1: you'll probably have better synergy with this one than with another brand.

Also, you may want to try the "an all-around preamp" (my workhorse) - the Sonic Frontiers SFL-2.

Best wishes,
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm strongly considering going the passive route at this point, but my mind isn't made up yet. I'm also considering picking up a Promitheus Audio TVC.
For what its worth I've been using a Promitheus Ref 4 with my DNA-1 monoblocks for about a year. It is a very satisfactory pairing to my ears and is well within your budget. It is much, much, better than the TLC-1 and Endler attenuators I used previously. I have not heard the C-core model, but that would also be comfortably below your $2K limit.
The Parasound PLD 1100 works well and one just popped up.
I am using a benchmark DAC1USB as my preamp. I thought about getting a preamp, but why use the extra component when the sound is much better going from source to DAC to amp?

BTW I HAD used a very nice tube preamp (odyssey candela)
vs. the dac to amp configuration. The latter sounded much cleaner and clearer. No coloration to the sound. Less is more???