15k blues

Why doesnt anything on audiogon sell when the used price is 15k or higher for example their are items retailing at 40 k plus and the people are trying to sell for 17k and their are no offers i guess it does not pay to but the best because its worthless when you try to sell it.
Or perhaps the vast majority of Audiogon members don't have that kind of money to spend?
My guess is that anyone who is ready willing or able to drop that kind of scratch on audio stuff isn't the sort who is combing these forum's looking for a bargain. Chances are, if you're in the market for a $40k amp, you're also looking for professional installation, delivery, room design, pampering, hand-holding, etc. -- not "bargain" used gear. Any way you slice it, the market for a $40k amp has got to be diminishingly small at nearly any "reasonable" price....
Good comments by Rc and Mezmo above-- I agree. Your thread title sounds like it could be a good blues song;>). Craig
I don't get it. I've bought a number of items at or above the amount you speak of on Audiogon and through Audiogon.

I suspect that those who do buy at that level aren't willing to discuss it.

Bill E.
For fear that their significant others may find out, perhaps?
Bill E. - do you regularly go through escrow of something? I would be pretty edgy sending a $15k M.O. :)
I usually do all my 15K and above transactions COD :^)
i have sold >$15k items on the 'gon with NO hassles. hey guys, it's ALL relative. -cfb
caravan123, i remember some of your ads a year or so ago and less, a Jadis Ja800? I think at one time you had them for $10k? I almost hocked my car to come up with cash and the ad disappeared within an hour. If you are selling tube amps which use 30+ output tubes then yes I believe there is a very limited market regardless of price. I personally don't have the time/desire/paitience to monitor, find/buy that amount of tubes......unless of course you would sell the JA800 for 5k :)!

I use wire transfer only. I never send money to anyone who makes me nervous in any way. If I can pick it up or deliver it by hand... I do.

Bill E.
Thanks, I was always a little curious how the big ticket exchanges go down.
Always use FedEx COD, both as a buyer and seller.