12AX7 Raytheons

I bought a used amp with a couple of tubes marked,
"12AX7 Schober Organ made in the USA by Raytheon"
They appear to be from early '60's.
Thanks for any comments.
I never cared for sound the Raytheon 12ax7, maybe I never got a good one. That doesn't mean you won't like them. The only way you'll know for sure is try them in your equipment. Sorry if this doesn't help.
I never liked their sound either, were so/so at best in my PAs3 and minimax pre-amps.
Raytheon made a fine 12ax7, but whether or not you like or care for its sound in a specific application is a whole other question. In general, tubes made for organ applications have been selected for lower microphonics.
No experience with the Raythons, my NOS Amperex 12ax7s/Holland 1960s does it for me, but having no referent makes it impossible to (truly) know how good they are. I was told, from an expert tuber, these are sure winners. Anyone want to bust my bubble, feel free.
Not me, Amperex Holland are one of my fave 12ax7's as well.
In general I just punt with RCA blackplate.
here are some others:
Siemens/Halske NOS
Mullard Nos
RCA Clear Top NOSs

less exspensive (not in league with above,but very nice):
Create 12zx7 China
Tube Stores Prefered 7075

in a previous conversation we had, these were 213Cobra's recommendations. He know his tubes.
I agree completely with Onhwy61, with emphasis on "but whether or not you like or care for its sound in a specific application is a whole other question". I love the sound of my 60's vintage Raytheons in my EAR phono stage. They have a clarity and purity throughout the frequency spectrum that is great, and that is lacking in even my overall faves the Telefunken smooth plates. Granted, the sound of my set-up is very full and not thin at all, so the Raytheons' sound is welcomed there. If you get the chance, checkout the Raytheon 7025's; similar with a little more meat on the bones.