1000.00 to spend what would you buy?

i started a simular thread but not too many people have given me any advice. i have a fisher x-202-b that i recently had work done to. overall i got the amp back with updated capacitors and the unit sounds dead. i want to upgrade to more modern equipment. i figure i have 1000 or so bucks to blow on something. what would be the best bang for the buck as far as a new amp/preamp would be? i listen to music at very low levels at night with dynaco a=25's so power is not the most important thing for me. would concider solid state as well if someone can point me in the right direction.
Linn Majik paired with Linn Tukan's,(if you can find them used), and Marantz 65 SE cd player.
Spend it on a DAC. A kora Hermes is availbe used in hat price range.
why don't you consider this:


Seems like it would be hard to beat for the money.
You should be able to find a used Bryston B60 integrated for around $7-800 or so. It's a truly great sounding little amp that puts out 60 watts per side and comes with that unbeatable, fully transferrable Bryston 20 year warranty. That leaves 2-300 to spend on cables or new tunes. Happy listening!
Hi Cleveland:

So, this is the 3rd version of your thread that I have seen ... might as well add my 2 cents. So, you have a mostly vintage system; your amp developed bad hum and you had to replace the capacitors ("condensers" if we are talking retro talk); and you do not like the resultant sound. My dad owned a TV repair shop in Brooklyn and I was always around hifi systems (tube and early solid state), so I think that I understand your dilemma. I just retired a Marantz 2240 mid-70's receiver once it developed hum, as I just did not want to sink more money into a 30 year old component (I had it professionally overhauled 3 years ago).

I use Acoustic Research 302 speakers in my main system. They are 11 years old and when they were introduced in 1995, they were based on the AR 5's, a mid 60's design ... 3 way; acoustic suspension; 10 inch woofers ... you get the idea. A more modern era cousin to your Dynaco A25's. Certainly the speaker efficiency (85db) and minimum recommended power (25 or so watts) are close. I live in an apartment and that necessitates playing music comparatively low.

I had used the AR's with a bunch of solid state amplifiers (ADCOM; NAD; Musical Fidelity) and really liked the sound, but the sound did not become alive and 3D like, until I went with tubes. I went with the Prima Luna Prologue Two tube integrated in one system and a Prologue Five tube power amp in another system. Prima Luna is sold by Upscale Audio . It's a bit more money than you wanted to spend, but the Prologue One is close to your budget. I also wrote a review of the Prologue Two here, if you want to read my impressions.

You may also want to update your CD player. I can't say enough good things about the Music Hall MMF CD 25 cd player and how it pairs up with the Prima Luna and this will set you back another $500.

I think that you can get the best of the vintage sound that you liked so much, with modern components.

Regards, Rich
I would consider a vintage luxman receiver R115 (70+/ch) or the R117 (160/ch). These cost $125-300 respectively on Ebay etc. You can get a lightly used sony 222 or 333es sacd player for $200-300. For speakers, it depends on what kind of space you have. I like planar speakers such as magnepans and you should be able to get MMGs etc to use up the rest of your cash. You'll need to be able to place them 3 to 5 feet from your wall. If you want box speakers someone else will have to make the recommendation. Good luck
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Creek A50 for ~$500 used.
Marantz PM7200 is nice but probably less clear than the Creek.
Also check out used Forte and Threshold stuff. If you like low powered tube stuff the Aleph 3 is said to be a very sweet 30wpc (solid state - class "A").
A Forte 50 wpc class A amp and a CJ tube pre-amp would set you back about $1100. An Audio Refinement Complete integrated at about $500 would leave you $500 for a CD-25 or a nice pair of monitors.

Thought you might enjoy this ... Big Stupid Warm Speakers .

Regards, Rich
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find a sonographe(by cj) amp/pre combo.
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A good high resolution frequency spectrum analyzer. You will be amazed a how much one learns from knowing the frequency response of various elements (including room) in one's system and how changes in the system affect the frequency response. Changes in frequency response is the most influencial part to sound systems and is regularly mistaken for 'speed', 'micro-dynamics', 'air', etc.