$10-15k speaker - Revel Salon2 / Usher BE-20


I want to build a 2-channel stereo setup with speakers that works with all kind of music. I cant stand overly analytical speakers with hot treble. I don´t want listeners fatigue, I know it´s very personal so it´s a tough question.

I Heard a lot of bad things about the Usher on here, that they use cheap parts (Beryllium) etc. but maybe I´ll get the chance to hear them with the DMD.

For amplifiers I´ve been looking at the Pass Labs mono blocks x600.5.

I listen to a lot of Electronic music, so the speaker should be able to deliever powerfull Deep bass and be "fast and Clean".
For volume and lots of bass, Aerial would probably be a good choice. I've seen several HT systems with them and they play very loud and clean.

For better sound quality and not so much volume, a pair of Vandersteen 3's and the matching subs would be very hard to beat. You would also have a lot more setup options with them. The 3's are very neutral but you can move either way depending on equipment and setup. You'll come in way under budget as well.
I didn't think Beryllium was a cheap element to use. The way speaker makers make it out, Beryllium is quite expensive and precious especially when used to make a driver. I am sure you will find the speakers that suit your taste. Pass amps are not known for warmth and such. Perhaps a different amp will have the qualities you seek like Mark Levinson.
I agree with Mechans on Beryllium. I know its expensive. The Pass amps I've had were fairly warm sounding, though. I had the older Aleph series amps. Maybe some of the newer models have a different sound. I haven't heard them in a while.
Hmm..ok well berylium per se isn´t cheap, but I read somewhere here I Think http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?cspkr&1290467798&read&keyw&zzusher that Usher don´t use real berylium.

Anyways, I am still looking for comments around these two particular speakers.
Check out the Vivid audio speakers. The B1's are in your budget.
The Revels are great speakers, but I'd think they may be a little analytical given your tastes. Maybe the Ushers a little less so. The first speaker that came to mind given your criteria is the Acoustic Zen Crescendo. Vandersteen 5 would be a good choice as well. They don't come up very often, but if you find a used pair of Joseph Audio Pearls they'd probably be an outstanding choice. Best of luck.
I would also recommend the Joseph Audio perspectives. I love them. No listener fatigue, deep bass, and spooky imaging.

Zu Def4s have awesome, deep bass, are never fatiguing, and favor tone rather than analytical detail. They are in your price range. However, my experience is that an in-home audition is a must when spending this amount of money.
I would give JBL array speaker line a listen, they certainly have the attributes you are looking for with sound!
The BE series do not use full Beryllium driver because the sound was bad on some frequencies. They chose to use Beryllium with other metals in order to create the best driver.
The DMD driver is no longer a Beryllium driver.
I don't understand why people still focus on the percentage of Beryllium inside the driver???
Do you listen to a material or to a speaker?
The USHER BE-10 is the best sounding speaker i ever heard for that price and above. The bass is incredibly detailed and deep, medium is full and emotional, highs are smooth but sharp. The all sound is deep, wide and natural. I'm really convinced that naturalness is the graal in High-end!
I think that Blumenhofer speaker would be ideal for you. However you would not need a Pass X600.5 would be the best match. A XA amp would be my choice. Even Passlabs agree with me.

Taken from their website.

Why Class A?
Because it sounds better - pure and simple.

Also does anyone really need 600watt mono amps?
For what you want, the used pair of Wilson Sashas currently for sale are ideal. Deep bass, good power handling, ability to play loud.
You haven't told us about your room. Dimensions and materials can make a huge difference - for example, a large "detailed" speaker with a slightly hot treble might sound great in a well-damped man cave, but could be a lousy choice in a small room with a lot of glass.