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Are there any preamps that can work with 2 amps and a sub woofer?
Tape outs are fixed, the output won't change with your volume control. 
Record clamp/weight and turntable speed
If you still have it, I'd use the original washer that came with the VPI.  It was designed to work with the clamp, both thickness and stiffness. 
Record clamp/weight and turntable speed
It depends. I’m not familiar with the Herbie’s Mat. How thick is the washer? Does it rise above the level of the mat?By far the most effective way to clamp with a washer is with a threaded spindle and a tapped concave bottom clamp. This allows suf... 
Record clamp/weight and turntable speed
Don't know where you've been for the past 400 years, dover, but "proper" never has meant "reflex" not in any dictionary I have ever seen. But I tell you what, since you want to argue so much, find me the clamp you think is "proper" as described ... 
Preamp for Herron VTPH-2A
lewm is correct.  Line source speakers have roughly half the propagation loss as point source drivers.see https://counterstrikess.com/line-source-speaker-advantages/ for a good basic explanation. 
Amplifier knobs...where to "set" on the clock?
Turn it up to 11. :) 
Preamp for Herron VTPH-2A
Maybe, but the l3b is a current model, the l3a was recently replaced by it.  Most Modulus 3As are now just about ancient in comparison.  Current price for l3b is $4795. 
Preamp for Herron VTPH-2A
I think the L3A AND L3B are more recent, line only preamps. 
Preamp for Herron VTPH-2A
I'm surprised nobody suggested the Benchmark LA-4.  A friend has one in his system, and it made quite an improvement in his system.  It replaced an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A.  He has a Parasound JC3+ phono stage.  Impressive combo for an all SS... 
Experience With Linear Tracking Turntables
I used to own a VPI TNT 3 table with an ET2 tonearm.  I loved the arm, but wound up selling the TT/Arm combo years ago, and I'm sorry I did.  It could be a pain to set up, but with the right table and patience, it was capable of amazing things.Bru... 
Which to upgrade first: Turntable or Phono Preamp
Here's my thinking on this.  Upgrading the turntable at this point will tell you nothing about your phono stage.  However, upgrading your phono stage will allow you to hear if there are any problems with your turntable/arm combination much better.... 
Do pure copper banana plugs make a difference in the quality of the speaker sound.
The best connector is no connector, if your binding posts can handle that. 
Best Live Recording on LP
Mack The Knife - Ella In Berlin on Verve,  MG VS-64041. (mono version is great too).  If you can find it, try and get a clean copy with the black grooved label.Ella is wonderful. Mack the Knife is an absolute classic. 
Mark Levinson - refurbish or start fresh
If it was me, and I was  happy with the sound, and it's significantly cheaper to have them basically refurbished than to buy new, I would have them brought back up to spec.  But that's just me.  
help with clearance between sme 3009 arm's tube and arms lifter assembly
The base is sitting too high off the plinth.  Lower it if you can, raise the arm pillar to compensate, and you'll have your clearance.