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Shall I add a preamp to my setup?
Grandetech, I have a similar setup with yours in pre/pro and amp. It is good for HT, but the 2-ch performance is not very good. So I got a BAT VK-3iX. The 2-ch sonic got much better. However, it lost some bass and dynamics. I did some research and... 
Tube amp for "difficult" speakers,,,
What is the definition of diffcult speakers? My Focal JMlab Alto Utopias have a rating of 91 db/w/m and have a nominal load of 8 ohms. However, they can go down to 3.2ohms. People told me that my speakers are easy to drive. However, my Melody KT88... 
Shunyata's Guardian 4 vs Hydra 4s
Do Guardian models provide filtering among the outlets? For example, if one outlet is used for CD player and another one is used for preamp, will the noises from CDP get filtered out?Thanks. 
Need guidance on isolation devices
I have good experiences with products from Herbie's Audio Labs. I like their Tenderfoot, Iso-cup, and high-end decoupling base.They have increased the resolution on my system, and gotten rid of occasional harsh tones. 
AudioMetallurgy Zero I.C.'s
Which Black Sand powercord? 
Help with cable choice please?
Sorry, I have never used MIT cables. It seems that you don't have impedance problems if your amp's input impedance is 100K ohms. 
Help with cable choice please?
I think your amp's input impedance should be much higher than 100ohms. 10K-100K ohms sounds about right. The resistance of an interconnect cable does not impact much, if anything at all. 
Non-edgy Shielded Silver IC Recommendation
Thanks Audiofeil and Kbuzz. However, I'd like to try silver interconnects. In particular, I'd like to get a pair of 3M balanced shielded interconnects. Also, the price should be below $1K. Any recommendation? 
Non-edgy Shielded Silver IC Recommendation
Thanks all. I have heard that DH Labs Silver Sonics are great cables. But they are not shielded. I am in Silicon Valley and lots of RFIs around.My JPS ICs are great cables. They are very neutral. But these silver ICs just present high freq. detail... 
DH Labs Silver Sonic
Are these ICs shielded? 
Something missing?
What interconnects are good? I think my system is a bit laid back too. I use JPS Superconduct FX3 ICs and Superconductor+ Petite (12feet!) for the speakers. 
JM labs Utopia vs JM labs Nova?
I have a pair of Alto Utopia and my room is 15X23X9. The bass is a bit too powerful already. As Shadorne has said it repeatedly, the speakers have to be 3 feet from the side walls and 6 feet from the rear wall. I think he is right! 
Rebuilding ht Rotel vs. Sherbourn 5.1 or 7.1
I recommend that you keep your Rotel and get a high quality 2-ch amp. Then run your music without the Receiver. You'll get the best of both worlds, HT and 2-ch music.I switched from a 2-ch setup to a 7.1 a couple of years ago. It was good for movi... 
"switching" noises from SS Class-AB amps
Thanks Sidssp. Your concern is appreciated. I'll put one on each side of the output transistors. I am working with the designer of my amp. He thinks it is okay too.BTW, I am an engineer myself, an EE actually. But that does not mean I am safe. :-) 
Speakers too wide apart?
I also found that my speakers were too far apart and too close to the side walls. Many thanks to lots of audiogoners!A good friend suggested that I get a CD with QSound recording technology to test my set up. One of these CDs is Amused to Death by...