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Anybody using Bybee DIY Quantum Purifiers?
Check out Bybee's website. It has a DIY section that is pretty good. I have them in all my equipment.... 
bat vk3ix OR bat vk32se PAIRING bat vk55
I have a VK-3iX with all the upgrades, except 6H30s. I found that replacing the stock 6V6GTs with a pair of NOS tubes yielded substantial sonic improvement. It is an inexpensive way to upgrade your VK-3iX. 
Anybody using Bybee DIY Quantum Purifiers?
I am a big Bybee fan too. But I try to use them only on AC and power supply. They do wonder, if used properly. 
BAT VK-32 tube preamp or stay with BAT VK-3ix
I also have a VK-3iX. I upgraded it with Super-Pak, Six-Pak, and larger SE transformer so that I can stay with 6922s. It is a bit more expensive this way, but I like the idea of tube rolling. I just got a set of Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8s made in ... 
Tube Amp Recommendations
The RM200 only uses a pair of KT88s per channel and yet can achieve 100Wpc? Do they run these tubes very hard? 
Anyone listen to the ASL Typhoon DT?
I had a loaner from a dealer before. To my ears, it sounded edgy and lean. I sent it back quickly. 
Compare: Modwright LS 36.5 & Audio Research LS26
Thanks, Dan. Regarding item #3 above, why would it limit the bandwidth if you do attention at the input? 
Compare: Modwright LS 36.5 & Audio Research LS26
The Modwright LS 36.5 uses only one pair of 6H30s in the signal path. However, it has both single-ended and balanced inputs. How do you do that with just one pair of tubes? 
Which one defines sound: Pre amp or Power amp?
I had the Energy RC70 speakers when I changed my 2-ch gears to HT a few years ago. I thought that I could enjoy 2-ch music from a surround HT system too. BIG mistake!After many generations of upgrade, I would recommend the following:Upgrade your m... 
Non-current limiting power conditioners
Is this unique to me? I have APC power line conditioner for my HT, Shunyata Guardian for my 2-ch audio, and 4 PEs and one PE V S/AC. I have found the system took a week to restablize in the following occasions:1. We went out of power for about 15 ... 
Non-current limiting power conditioners
I also use a few Alan Maher's Power Enhancers. They are great products and one can customize the sound by putting them in various locations. My only issue with it is that it takes a long time (days and weeks) to stablize the sound. Before it gets ... 
Why are older tubes so much sought after
Juanpablocuervo, Chadeffect, and Trelja,What kind of music do you listen to? I have found with these more colored tubes, it sounds great with violin, guitar, and female vocal music. However, with piano and orchestra music, less colored tubes are m... 
Tube Integrated in Home Theater?
My 2-ch equipment are connected to HT also. When I am using the HT, I set the front speakers at "small". The subwoofers will do the "punch". Don't turn on and off frequently your tube equipment though. 
mcintosh 501 vs 2102
What speakers do you have? I think that will be the deciding factor. If you have current hungry speakers, 100Wpc may not be sufficient.... 
Why are older tubes so much sought after
I am not sure that you can get good engineers to work on tubes these days. People are what make products good or bad. If you are an EE, will you choose tube design as your career? They did not even teach tubes when I was in the EE program, and tha...