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fuses - the $39 ones or the 85 cent ones
Magfan, have you tried cables made of different materials? Silver cable sounds differently to my ears than copper cable. If you agree to this, then the rest is obvious.The speakers are really powered by B+. The audio signal controls how B+ is tran... 
fuses - the $39 ones or the 85 cent ones
Rodman, you are hilarious. :-) 
fuses - the $39 ones or the 85 cent ones
My experience with these fancy fuses is as follows. They made very noticeable improvement on the power amp, but not much (if any at all) on the preamp and CD player. 
whats the best amplifier for me??
Get an upgraded Counterpoint NP100. I have a Counterpoint NP100 Platinum and it drives my Alto Utopia with ease. 
Top resistors
Another vote for "naked" Vishay resistors. It is amazing how they transformed my Counterpoint NP100 power amp.I first got a Counterpoint SA100 as my 2nd system. It was quite musical. But it ran too warm, and it sounded better the warmer it got, by... 
Damsel in Distress with Jadis DPL
Some NOS tubes may have a lower voltage rating. Take 6SN7 as an example. The NOS 6SN7GT has a max plate voltage of 300V. The newer 6SN7GTA/B have a higher voltage at 450V. 
about to jump into the power cord foray
Iggyminn, I would try used power cords one at a time, starting from power amp first. You may want to research the characteristics of various power cords and then determine what to get next based on the sonic signature of your system and what you w... 
Tone controls- to use or not?
Have you tried power cords, interconnects, or speaker cables with some silver content? 
Spades or bananas connectors?
If people are so frustrated by the repeated questions, why don't they just skip these threads and move on? 
Lack of depth problem
Yes, 2.5ft is indeed very close to the side walls. I had boomy bass first. Then I put a bass trap panel along the long side of the wall next to one speaker. The bass is clean now.Regarding Mezzo vs. Alto Utopia, I think JMlab upgraded the tweeters... 
Lack of depth problem
Thanks all. I did more research, upgrade, and experiments. I like my current setup now. :-)The following are the changes:1. I moved speakers forward and they are 9 feet to the rear wall. I also moved them closer to the side walls, about 2 1/2 ft a... 
Lessloss PC for digital source or power amp?
Mmakshak, why do you think the LessLoss pc is not good for PLC equipment? Which PLC have you tried?I have two LessLoss power cords: one for the digital source and one for the PLC. My PLC is Shunyata Guardian 6. I found that if I add any more LessL... 
Help Please....Interconnects...Silver vs. Copper?
Try Canary Audio's interconnect cable. I have their silver/nickle RCA cable with WBT connectors. I like it very much. 
Best Power amps in $7000 range
Check out Mike Elliott's products: Counterpoint NP100/NP220, or Aria amps. I spent about $7K on NP100 with all the upgrades. It is an amazing amp and drives my Focal JMlab Alto Utopia with ease. 
6SN7 tube GTA vrs GTB
It has been a journey for me to search for the "perfect" 6SN7s. I have 3 amps that use 6SN7s, and I tend to use GTAs and GTBs for driver tubes only. I have the following tubes for the gain stage and my summary is as follows:Sylvania VT231s, bottom...