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Any Decent Sounding Multiple CD Players?
If you can find a Phillips carousel you be satisfied.And you might get one for about 200.00. Nice sound. If you can find a used CAL {California audio Labs} used 5 CD carousel you be tickled pink. GOOD LUCK.And you cant go wrong with a Sony ES. 
Willl you spend over $5000.00 for speakers?
Did anyone say Martin Logan's Monolith.You can get them used for way under 5 grand and they sound terrific. 
Best CD player now made.
California Audio Labs...All they make is CD and DAC equipment.Even the entry level models have good sound. 
Serious about sound?
If one is seroius about sound it's total satisfaction with what you have and not changing it constantly.I've had my logans for over 3 years and they have the best sound.Also a good buddy of mines have the Logan Monoliths with a C-J tube amp drivin... 
Vote for best US made solid state amp
My preference is Threshold. I have the S-200. I have heard other Thresholds and they sound great. I use the amp with Martin Logans and they are great together. I also like the krells mono blocks by far.