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Should I bother to try a subwoofer?
I'm sure the Velo electronic setup is great, but it's a bit of a budget-buster for me.I've spent parts of three days listening and tweaking and am happy enough with it that I decided to take the plunge and buy the REL. I'm sure I'll continue to ma... 
Should I bother to try a subwoofer?
So...I am auditioning an old REL Q150E over the weekend. It's and interesting process if I don't get to manic about it. Lots of knob twisting and changing of music. I'm honestly not sure I like what I hear all of the time. It seems I keep lowering... 
Should I bother to try a subwoofer?
Many thanks to all who responded--I've learned a lot and will be actively looking for a sub. Unfortunately, in the meantime the Strata III has sold (he who hesitates is last), so I'll be searching the archive for threads on good mid-fi subs that m... 
What's your profession? Age?
Musician/teacher, age 51. McIntosh/Tandberg freak in the 70's, out of the audio loop for 20 years, just getting back in, albeit on a low budget. The new speakers and amps, if I may say so, are quite improved. I used to use a Mac 2300 amp (127 lbs.... 
Cable Suggestions
to Audioengr:I too am using a pair of Kimber IC's at the present, and find the top end a little bit too much...would you mind elaborating on the mods you suggest? 
Is pure class A ss the equal to tubes?
Plato, which hybrid(s) do you recommend? And, which do you not...?