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Do i need AC conditioner w/dedicated AC lines?
My 2 cents worthAt my old house I had my amp plugged into wall with dedicated line and i had my pre/source plugged into line conditioner also on dedicated line and if i plugged the amp into line conditioner there was minimal differences but notice... 
Why do they always play so loud in hifi showrooms?
I dont know why,but I can relate.Few years ago when I was at CES I attempted to check out the MBL room,I heard the music from outside and liked the song and wanted to go see what the artist was so I could get a copy and I couldnt get past the door... 
Any Drawbacks to COD
The only time I am willing to go COD as a seller is if the buyer is willing to pay the shipping fees up front.A guy I knew who bought and sold audio gear for a living turned me on to that idea.I never go that route as a buyer.Tim 
what is the sound like on a levinson 336
dont you have audio craft in mayfield heights? they used to sell mcintosh.or did they go out of business like hoffmans? 
Is there any hope for my room?
David,owens 705 was a recommendation made to me.I was told the important thing to look for was how dense the fiberglass was and to get a density of at least 3lbs per cubic foot up to 6lbs per cubic foot.Just for the record,owens 703 is 3lbs cu ft ... 
Is there any hope for my room?
updateI was fortunate enough to run across a individual on the net who knew about my problem and more importantly knew how to fix it!! I was told the reason for me lacking deep bass was phase issues.Somewhere in the frequency range above my proble... 
Do Any High End Speakers Boogie/Rock? BW 804 Blues
My opinion,for what it is worth.B&W speakers are "needy"It is very easy for B&W speakers to come off as bright or nasal sounding(at least the matrix series,havent heard the nautilus). So much care is needed in choosing the associated gear ... 
Do Any High End Speakers Boogie/Rock? BW 804 Blues
I second the B&w`s like power,and lots of it.I had matrix 801`s for a while and they really seemed to open up with a krell ksa 300s compared to lower powered rowlands. 
Is there any hope for my room?
Thanks for the responses folks,Timrhu,the walls are drywall with one wall being brick inlay.Unclejeff,finances dont allow,from what I have read I am sure it would be money well spent.Bigjoe,I have tried the speakers on two walls and two corners,no... 
Sub crossover frequency
I run two powered subs in my home theater for the benefits of the smoother room response,and one sub is at 80hz and the other sub is at 65hz and I am very happy with the results and all of the speakers in the theater are set to small. 
mix and match subwoofers
I am not familiar with the technicals of those subs,but I have had two different brands of subs in my theater before and one was a ported design,the other a sealed design and if the subs were on the same wall,you could pick out the ported one.They... 
Is it possible to shield unshielded speakers?
I had this very problem myself once.I mutilated a pair of old bookshelf speakers laying around and cut the magnets off of the drivers and used them as bucking magnets.You wont need to glue or anything,the magnets will hold together just fine.Just ... 
DVD player recomendations
Keep em` coming gang,its appreciated.Tim 
Attention Denon 5700 owners
probably not much,anything less than 7.1 seems to hold its value about as well as computers.I saw one listed somewhere not to long ago for $1000 but I am not sure if it sold or not. 
Personal amp evolution
kenwood recievercarver tfm 15cb(2 of them bridged)carver tfm 35xaragon 4004classe ca200mccormack dna 1krell ksa 200scarver research reference(the original)jeff rowland model 1(2 of them bridged)mccormack dna2 LAE(current)This isnt exactly in order...