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Theta Gen V owners
Thanks to all of you gentlemen.I was only interested in the balanced version and well aware of upgrades and mods being expensive.Glad to know that a V can no longer be upgraded to a Va,this will help in future decisions. 
Adaptive Dither Firmware AA DTI Pro 32 ?
Not very familiar with the ad3 chip,but dusty vawter still does upgrades and repairs on AA gear.I believe the company is Channel Islands Audio in califournia.Hope this helps. 
Transport Help
Theta Basic Transport,they go for anywhere fror $400-$600 used and a very good transport. 
Best balanced interconnects under 350
I reccommend another balanced transparent super interconnect.I dont know the length needed but if you can wait the 1meter ones come up for the price you mentioned from time to time and cheaper.Picked up my 1meter for $250 and my 3meter for $400 
20 Amp Lines w/separate ground
Here is my 2cents worth,depending where you live depends on the improvements of dedicated lines.Yes there will still be benefits of line conditioners,however in my experience high dollar power cords seem to make less improvements with dedicated li... 
Cable Costs Relative to System
I have always heard 10%-20% of retail is a good pricerange to operate in for cable budget.Myself running close to the 20% mark. 
Transparent Cables - Worth the money?
I disagree,transparent cables are nothing like mit cables.I always thought they would sound the same being same design and all.But they are really totally two different cables,one could never mistaken one for the other. 
Looking for advice
B&W`s are cool sounding speakers and so is Krell gear.Had 801mklll`s myself with ksa200s combo and little to cool sounding for myself,had to go with tubed preamp myself or a warm sounding front end.Hope this helps 
The BEST system you've ever built !!!!
Well,the best system I have built is my current one.I am 25 years old and everything for the most part is second-hand,for that is the only way I can afford my taste.First and most important,the room 12ft by 18ft with 8ft ceilings(finished room in ... 
Speakers causing problems with TV
after you make sure the tv is ok just get some magnets the same size as the magnet on your woofer and stick it on your woofer magnet.tadaaaaah you have shielded speakers,or like the other guy said go buy some shielded speakers