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Why do dealers email you when your selling?
I have something similar happening right now.A few weeks ago,I posted a question here in the forum about a particular preamp and ever since a store which I believe advertises here(never checked to make sure) sends me emails about sales etc. on tha... 
Super Efficent Home Theater Speakers
I agree with everyone else,I have all klipsch speakers in my home theater,and that is why I have them,for their efficiency.Yet Another TimTim 
Anyone use a POWERED SUB with Center Channel?
I use a powered sub on my center channel and my fronts.I like it better that way since I cant have the same size speaker as my fronts for a center.It really shows when you are watching a movie where the action pans right to left going through the ... 
Speakers with built in subs?
Thanks for the input everyone.As far as the budget goes I am not sure yet,but will probably be somewhere around $400-$800 for fronts used and $3-400 for a matching center used and whatever needed for some rears.I currently have all klipsch speaker... 
Average age of audiophiles
I am 25 years old today and I got started in this insanity when I was 16-17 and had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time.Tim 
Looking for an amp for my Proac 1.5's.
This was years ago but if proac speakers signature hasnt changed then it might be worth 2cents.I heard small proacs few years ago,not sure what model but with tubed audio research pre and pair of rowland model ones bridged.Sounded pretty good to t... 
Tubes plus SS
My 2 cents worth,my local dealer sells audio research pre amps and krell amps and alot of them. 
what is the best super speaker and why?
never heard sound lab speakers but I second the eidolons.Tim 
confused about amp
Dont mind the bad talk about your yamaha reciever.Inscrutable gave excellent advice,thats the way I did it and that is what I reccommend to any who ask.It makes for a conveinant way to upgrade continually and still have working theater and 2 chann... 
Speaker Mods?
Just my .02 worth,I have dealt with madisound on a couple different occasions and they are good people to deal with in my experience.If you decide on a tweeter that will mount in your cabinet somewhat hassle free,you can send your drivers and cros... 
Theta data basic II transport?
The theta data basic II transport is a nice,well built transport,IMO.The theta goes head to head with the classe transport,but the classe has more tank like build qualities than the theta.As far as one of the two being better than the other I thin... 
what speakers do the best "disappearing act"??
My two cents worth,I agree with the comments on the importance of room placement and for my other 2 cents,my friend owned a pair of 3.3`s and had great difficulty setting them up to a point where they sounded good.Even after numerous phone calls t... 
Anyone under 30?
No,you are not alone,being 25 myself.Justifying the expenses incurred by high end audio purchases is really just a matter of priorities.You know music,food,bank note,gas money etc etcTim 
floorstand speaker B W N 804 as center
Go with the vertical center channel by all means.It will sound better.Even if you have horizontal center now,set it on its end temporarily and sport a listen,I think you will like what you hear. 
How much does your system retail for?
$35,000.00 two channel playback $8,000.00 on seperate theater