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Tonian Labs TL-D1 Mk2
am interested in the 12's (larger, PHY drivers)- supposedly amazing, but much more $$$ ($9k+) 
Gabriel Gold IC's are they really this good?
would be nice to keep this thread going- have an original Rapture and have 'r' and Reflection IC's on order- will report back on findings- these are fantastic interconnects. 
Best Integrated Amp
The Ayon Triton is right up there 
What’s next up on the docket for you?
thinking of trying SACD... 
Who makes a GM-70 based SET?
New FedEx Ground and USPS Arrangement
is this also for Canada? 
sand versus shot in speaker stands
Lead shot is just fine (the real tiny stuff from the gun store)- much better/heavier than sand in my experience. I have filled a Target stand with it, along with a pair of speaker stands- I did not have any 'dust' when I was filling mine- wore glo... 
Integrated amp for Eggleston Andra II
a quick note on Kurt's initial response to the thread- "...The tubed preamp should not run that hot..". I have owned the Sonic Frontiers Line 3 preamp for 5+ years, and I beg to differ on the heat output- it does put out a lot of heat. 
Low SET versus High SET
The 211 is my favorite- love the big power triodes! 
jeff rowland 501 & 201 vs. bel canto ref1000
GC- add me to the 'before and after' list as well 
jeff rowland 501 & 201 vs. bel canto ref1000
GC- My Pre is a (power supply modified) SF Line 3- it will do the granularity thing... Back to these Ref 1000's- would like to try the MKII's, but what is with that price increase? Guys asking like $4k for a used pair, when you can get the MKI for... 
Looking for some Art Pepper recommendations
so funny- as I am reading this post, my Art Pepper disc cover just happened to be on top of the pile! 'Art Pepper Meets The Rythym Section' 
Wyetech or Coincident Frankenstein IIs
Wyetech Topaz the best- does leading-edge transients like nothing else (have owned it- still have another SET 211 amp- love that tube), but then more $$ than the rest of your choices, plus you need a preamp with some 'body' to it. Frankenstein VER... 
jeff rowland 501 & 201 vs. bel canto ref1000
Guidoc- have you heard the BC's (or JRDG's) through a higher efficiency speaker? 
jeff rowland 501 & 201 vs. bel canto ref1000
Yes- Sonic Frontiers Line 3...