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Power conditioner for EMM CDSA ?
I use the excellent Ensemble Isolink on mine... 
SS Amp to replace VAC 300.1 in a side-ways move?
agree with Tvad- having owned Aerial speakers many years ago, solid state worked best... 
Gabriel Gold IC's are they really this good?
Steve- is the directional flow the same as the others with the Reflection? 
New Transport Suggestions for Bitstream DAC
agreed with Bigkidz... 
Digital IC- I use Stealth Sextet- anything better?
Thanks Powder- I have a Marigo 5.7 as well- was not aware of the newer model. 
Gabriel Gold IC's are they really this good?
yes, the Reflection are amazing- a further refinement of the Rapture 'r'- inner detail incredible, lack of congestion excellent- no glare- simply music... 
Stereophile "confirms" Moncrieff's SACD comments ?
would be good to 'resurrect' this thread 8 years later- I think SACD has come a long way- I find the EMM Labs CDSA-SE not to exhibit these high-frequency aberations, at least not that I am noticing anyways... 
The Big Ayon Triton KT-88 Int Amp- tube rolling?
thanks guys- I do keep in touch with Paul at USA Tube Audio (Ayon Distributors) about this from time to time, and I do know that they are always 'on the hunt' for the best tube combo for the Ayon amps- they still recommend what was shipped with my... 
Amp for Coincident Super Eclipse
lately I have been using two different amps for driving Coincident Total Victory II's, both with outstanding results- 1) The big Ayon Triton integrated (*80 watt triode mode); 2) custom built 211 SET.As I have stated previously, with the larger Co... 
XLO vs. wireworld
It's a shame TCC won't extend the lending library option across the border here in Canada- asked them years ago, and they said no... 
Amp for Coincident Super Eclipse
unless you have $$ for higher-power good SET, push-pull triode next best topology in my expeience (own/have owned many Coincident speakers) 
Ayon Triton- Anyone compared to high end seperates
what suprised me most about my Triton was how wide bandwidth this amp is, and also how low of a noise floor for a tube amplifier- I believe the big Austrian (Lundahl I believe) extremely high quality transformers used in the Triton to be a big rea... 
TAD Reference loudspeakers-How good are they?
I have the TAD TSM-300 monitors for a second system, and will NEVER part with them- I can't think of another speaker at the ~ $1k price point that would be any better. 
Tonian Labs TL-D1 Mk2
Yes- have heard the same- it's too bad I am in Toronto and he is in California I believe- kind of far for an audition!! 
Top ten tube preamps
Has anyone tried the Tron preamps? i.e. Seven Reference; Syren??