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Yes,another DAC question
If possible, expand your budget (slighty), and try to talk this guy down in price a bit... 
Gabriel Gold IC's are they really this good?
I have two pairs of Reflection- best I have found is dac to pre... 
Best Tube Pre-Amp under 4K
Here are four options I would consider at that price point (or slightly less used):1) TRL (Tube Research Labs) 'The Dude' should definitely be considered at this price point- I thought it was fantastic.2) Air Tight ATC-2 (plus you'll have change l... 
The Big Ayon Triton KT-88 Int Amp- tube rolling?
Max- stick with what you have- good choice! 
Audio Research Reference Linestages
Yes- I have a Ref One, plus there are two local friends of mine who both find their Ref One's to be superior to any of the newer Ref series (except the Anniversary no doubt!) 
Isolation Transformer or Power Regenerator
does the Equi=Tech meet Canadian code standards as well? 
Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
Last time I spoke with Paul, he mentioned this new SS amp, interesting name- 'Little Lebowski'- I got a kick out of that! 
JVC XRCDs -- your experience?
Ahendler- which ones are 'bright' or, to be avoided? 
Gabriel Gold vs Marigo vs NBS
used Gabriel Gold (the higher-end Rapture and Reflection) sell very quickly on the used market here- and they are not cheap- that should tell you something. I have tried them in several systems- they are quite good. I have not yet compared with Ja... 
Gabriel Gold vs Marigo vs NBS
You need to move up to at least the GG Rapture 'r', or better yet, the Reflections... 
Gabriel Gold IC's are they really this good?
EMM CDSA-SE and GG Reflection (rca) = excellent match 
to SACD or not
Love my EMM CDSA-SE (~ $5,500 used)- reviews are spot on. More natural sounding than my friend's Esoteric P-03/D-03 combo... The only other machine I would consider at a similar price point would be the Marantz SA-7S1 (~ $3k used) with mods by Jen... 
Single box tube linestage preamp - $3,000 used
Bat VK-32SE 
Marantz SC-7S2 solid state preamp- how good is it?
thanks guys- good comments- the (few) reviews I have read seem to always pair it in the context of a 'full Marantz' system (with the MA-9S2 monoblocks)- was wondering how it was with other amps as well... 
Throwing your gear under the bus
yes- but in my case, a nice watch (Omega Seamaster Chrono in white)- luckily the guy still had it- I bought it back immediately- what was I thinking??!! :-)