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Decware - any substance here?
Finsup, yes, it's the ERR's which I ordered. I just got confirmation that they'll ship to me this Friday - I'll be sure to post back once they're up and running. 
Sonos Products
Not directly answering your question here, but if you're using variable output on the sonos, the biggest gain (no pun intended) you'll get is to switch it to fixed output. If that requires a preamp, ok, but that variable out is where a huge amount... 
What you drink while listening sessions?
my Cardiologist and Vintner specifically insists I drink two generous glasses of red wine every single night. Never binge. Never skip a night.Far be it from me to debate their wisdom. 
Decware - any substance here?
Marty, I just ordered a pair this week. If nobody else weighs in (info on them is pretty scarce here), I'll report back once I get a few miles on them. 
Sonos mod by wyred
I believe this is the Cullen modification; lots of discussion about that modification here. I'm a fan. What's new, I believe, is the I²S output, which I would love to learn more about too. 
"American Sound" Speakers
Is there a signature frequency response curve to American speakers (now or in the past) in the same way there is for British speakers with the BBC dip? 
"American Sound" Speakers
Is there a characteristic frequency response curve associated with 'American' designs, as there is for 'British' designs? 
Is my listeng room too small??
yes, excellent question. those Monitor Audio RX 6's are far too large for that tiny room. please send them to me at once and I will exchange them for a nice pair of Rega R1s. 
What speaker for being close to rear wall?
front-ported Rega's work well near a wall. I've had the 1's, 3's and 5's in this configuration with good results. 
does a subwoofer kill stereo sound?
and, with some effort, could also improve same. 
Review: Coincident Speaker Technology Statement Linestage Tube preamp
really beautiful. 
Subwoofer with good monitors
FWIW, I recently added an REL B3 to my Aerial Acoustic 5B monitors (60Hz to 22kHz ±2dB, -8dB at 50Hz) powered by a 50w Jolida 302, and found the integration very easy and extraordinarily musical. It's lots of fun and worth exploring IMHO. 
Great lost lps...the 80s....synth pop and others..
Comsat Angels: Independence Day 
Is it okay to talk around your speakers?
also, avert thine eyes. high end loudspeakers hate direct eye contact. 
Best Rock Album in 2010
Superchunk: Majesty Shredding. It is both.