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HRS M3X isolation base or Minus-K?
A defense analysts is not an engineer. 
Weakest Link? Your honest opinions.
I’m not familiar with any of your equipment or know your tastes to make any specific recommendations. I will say that component “upgrades” are not always the road to better sound. It’s my personal belief that the foundation of a high performing sy... 
top Mahler on vinyl
Here's a list of my favorites of most of the symphonies - I skipped the 8th because I don't know it well enough to make any recommendations. I also included a couple of disks of my favorite songs. Symphonies1 Kubelik DGG 139331 2 Bernstein (NY) Co... 
Beethoven Violin Sonatas---favorites and recs
I've always been fond of the Perlman / Ashkenazy cycle on Decca-London 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Brahms Piano Sonata Op 2, Arrau, PhillipsMusic of Kodaly, Kertesz, DeccaFrank Martin, String Quartet, ex librisLegley Violin Concerto, Gertler, Cultura 
top Mahler on vinyl
Here's a list of my favorites for most of the symphonies and the songs. One note of disagreement, I don't find that the US Angels are any different than any other label. Some are good, some are not. No label made all good recordings and not label ... 
Lifespan of NOS telefunken 12AX7?
Hmm. The SP14 uses 6DJ8's not 12AX7's - could explain longer than normal life. 
ARC REF 40 listening experience wanted
What's a Ref 40?? Never heard of it. 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
I replaced (actually had someone else do the work) the coupling caps in my Aesthetix IO with the Cast caps. The stock caps are dynamicap's in the 2nd and 3rd stages and a proprietary cap in the 1st stage. Too soon to come to any conclusions.If the... 
TriPlanar Tips
Doug, you're such a tease.... 
Aesthetix IO Eclipse
As for reliability, I’ve owned both a Rhea and IO Sig for over a year and have had zero issues with them. Concerning noise, I listen near field and have a fairly sensitive amp and only get a slight hiss with nothing playing using 74db of gain. I h... 
Lenco Restorers in the US?
Link doesn't work... 
Thoughts on Audio Research D70
Johnsonwu,Thanks for your input. I think the current ARC cap is the TRT Stealth cap. No outside reviews that I've been able to find. I do know that Aesthetix also uses these in their Eclipse series. From what I've read, I'm not sure these are tefl... 
Thoughts on Audio Research D70
Thanks for the tip the V-cap's website. Do you think that the mid high glare you refer to is from the Rel/Wondercaps?? 
Thoughts on Audio Research D70
Johnsonwu,Are you saying you'd replace the 1.0uF + 0.15uF caps with the 0.22 to 0.33 values? Seems like a big change.Scott