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good preamp for dynaco mk3 monoblocks with maggies
Even if the the SP11 needed work, it has more potential than the PAS3. The 11 is not particulary fussy about tubes and they can be had cheap. Caps and what ever else it needs can be done over time. 
NOS tubes For my Rhea
What I’m referring to when I say EI are pre-war tubes made in Yugoslavia. The factory was founded in the 50’s using Telefunken equipment. I find that they have more body than Tele’s but are slightly less transparent. The combination of EI’s and Te... 
good preamp for dynaco mk3 monoblocks with maggies
I own a pair of the Dyna’s and have owned both the Promethius TVC and the ARC SP11. Given the choice, I would take the ARC in a heartbeat. The ARC is high gain and has a very good phono stage in it should you ever choose to use it. I’ve driven the... 
NOS tubes For my Rhea
To see if it’s the Calypso, why not turn on the system except the Rhea and unmute it. Any tube rush would be coming from the Calypso. I owned a Rhea and suspect that it’s the culprit since it’s fairly picky about tubes. The other thing to try is t... 
Bach Unaccompanied Violin Sonatas-Johanna Martzy
The Grumiaux on Philips is worth seeking out. 
Bach Unaccompanied Violin Sonatas-Johanna Martzy
Testament reissued these - not sure if it's the same performance but they do an outstanding job. I have many of their LP's and have nothing but good things to say about them. The 2 CD set will cost you under $30 - far cheaper than the orignal or E... 
aesthetix rhea with passive volume control
Yes, when I had mine, I ran it through a passive. I now use the IO and still have no issues with a passive. The guy I sold my Rhea to sold his active after hearing my passive with the Rhea in his system.That said, how well a passive will work for ... 
If you had a Benz cartridge would you let someone
Back to the original post - The original poster didn’t indicate if the cantilever was still intact. I think that makes a difference as I prefer boron to ruby. I was in a similar situation but it was only my stylus that was worn with an intact cant... 
Graham Phantom Supreme?
Has anyone gotten their hands on an Elite yet? The inverted bearing sounds interesting. 
Can KT120s be used in ARC D70 Mk2?
Kt120's won't work in a D115 so would be surprised if they would in a D70. 
Coincident Linestage vs CJ CT5 or Allnic L-3000
It’s curious that the line stage Coincident offers is balanced throughout but their amp’s only have single ended inputs. 
HRS M3X isolation base or Minus-K?
I whole heartily agree that the location was less than optimal. I posted it because it’s a testament to how effective the Silent Running bases are at isolating a component. I wouldn’t try that with a chunk of maple masquerading as an isolation dev... 
HRS M3X isolation base or Minus-K?
Bill, to get back to your original post, the two other brands I would put on the short list are SRA and Critical Mass. I know people locally who have both and they are both very good even though we’ve never done a back to back comparison. The guys... 
HRS M3X isolation base or Minus-K?
An engineering degree high-fallutin' ?? Now that made me chuckle! 
Has anyone replaced tubes in Aesthetix Rhea ?
When I first started to play around with the Rhea, I liked the all Telefunken route. It was good enough to convince me that I needed an IO which I did purchase. I did find another tube set I like better and it's cheaper to boot. In the first gain ...