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Thoughts on Audio Research D70
I was asking about the kt120 more from a increased tube life perspective as I knew that I wouldn't get a power increase without mod's to the amp. I don't have any issues with power with 115 - it seems to be able to drive about anything I hook up t... 
Thoughts on Audio Research D70
Here's an FYI. I own a D115MkII and called ARC about putting KT120's in the amp. They said don't do it as the heater in the KT120 draws alot more current than does the 6550s. He said that this will kill the power transfer over time. I would think ... 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Hey Tom, I got the message so I guess ti still works. A couple of other guys in town have the Decware EL84 amp and love it.Scott 
How many LP's do you own? How long did it take?
I bought my fist LP in the spring of 1974 when I was a freshman in high school. This has been an ongoing habit since then with the total number of LP’s in the 6000 to 7000 range. Of these, less than 1000 fall into the rock, jazz or other category ... 
Favorite 300B: Sophia vs KR
You guys mention a break-in period for the tubes. I was curious what changes in sound as the tubes go through their break-in?Thanks,Scott 
Graham Phantom with Benz Lp-s Tracking problems
Check that the bearing is seated properly. The proper gap between the magnet and the bearing housing is approximately 0.100 to 0.125" just looking at it. If the bearing is not seated correctly, this gap will be much smaller and cause all kinds of ... 
Lyra Titan: Stylus broken during shipping
Way back when, I bought a Lyra Clavis as a dealer demo. When I picked up the package, there was something rolling around in the box. I called the dealer and rolled the box so he could hear what I was before it was opened. The stylus gaurd had come... 
Analysis Paralysis on Phone Stage and MC Cartridge
Just because your table and combination can be purchased with a MC does not clear it for a glabal recommendation for all MC's. I assume that most of the time this table is sold with Clearaudio cartridges. These are all high compliance which tend t... 
Lyra Skala installation
I'll need a Kanji translator for those links Jonnathan.Are 2.6mm screws standard for cartridges? 
Lyra Skala installation
Another item to add to your laundry list is an arc or a Feickert protractor to ensure that overhang is accurately set. The Feickert will also measure pivot to spindle distance. If these two items are not accurately adjusted, the rest is for naught. 
Pines of Rome Living stereo Orig vs reissue
Look in the dead wax area past the inner groove. Mine has the following on side 1: K2 RY4735 1S. The last number + letter is commonly used as the lacquer or stamper designation. BTW, the 5s of this is also a prized stamper if you can find it. 
The ARC phono stage with your cartridge is outputting 2.7 volts to the line stage. This is more than enough to drive your amps w/o the linestage. Adding the gain of the linestage, you now have a whopping 38 volts of output to drive the amps at ful... 
Graham Phantom Supreme?
Never even heard of it. Nothing of a Supreme version is mentioned on either the Graham site or Musical surroundings. Where did you hear of it?? 
Dvorak Symphony No. 2 Classic records excellent
Org is a company that has been doing reissues for a while. Go to Acoustic Sounds and type org in the search box and you'll see what they have to offer. The issues I refered to are the 45 two record sets of the famous Londons. In particular, the fo... 
Dvorak Symphony No. 2 Classic records excellent
Tzh21y: The ease of finding one locally depends on where local is. I am fortunate to live in a fairly large metro area ~ 2 to 3 million that has a firm classical music base. There are ton's of classsical records here. You do have to be interprisin...