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power cord recommendayion
I thought BMI bumped the prices 10x to serve those desiring to spend big bux overseas market, how about sugesting a comparable performing product for less?steve 
can power cable help cure static problem?
Good move, from your origional post the static follows the amp. Under warranty send it back, through your dealer who should handle the whole exchange and pay all costs at 4 months.steve 
Is Analysis Plus giving away free samples?
Hey, that's between you and your dealer. A dealer knows what a customer will pay, and that is what they will charge you. It's just like buying a car, once they understand you are the guy who will pay 10% over cost or walk, you will get the price y... 
Is Analysis Plus giving away free samples?
You should get at up to 40% off new cables anyway. Also, these might be gray market or old stock last years model.Why not ask the sellers?steve 
XLR or single ended cables and why?
Andrew, no, no one agrees with that statement. The designer is free to apply any amount of gain to any particuliar input, he could just as well cut the gain in the xlr input by some amount compared to the rca input.steve 
XLR or single ended cables and why?
Very good Serus, thanks!steve 
XLR or single ended cables and why?
It is a different situation if the grounds are electrically seperated. Such is the case with a true dual-mono implementations or monoblock amplifiers, if they don't share grounds with an external ground wire or through the AC groundIn the case of ... 
Converting XLR to Single Ended for inputs
For the analog connections use a rca-xlr cable, the cd player should be a digital connection. A balanced input will still provide some benefit to a single ended output, though I wouldn't worry much with tape or fm sources.regards,steve 
Power Cable Recommendation
Sounds like a job for a $14 volex, don't hurt yourself.steve 
how can a line cord affect frequency response ?
Just to be clear, I don't think the op's q has been answered, and that that is that there is no explaination as to how a PC can change the frequencey response of a device. Easy question, easy answer!One point is most power supply designers will as... 
long interconnects - earthly price?
Dr Joe has got a point, if you can do something with the $1900 difference try the Mogami. If $1900 is nothing to you, feed the poor souls at Transparent. steve 
speaker cable static sound
Red Dawn is not sheilded, as speaker cables should not be anyway. What happened when you took out the cables you suspect as being faulty and dropped in something different, like a zip cord or anything else, or did I miss that you actually tried th... 
Speaker cables being pricier than main speakers
"revealing/unforgiving cables"...quite a statement since whatever differences anyone seems to find in cables is still masked if done in a blind test. Just a frame of reference, please continue to enjoy our hobby.The thought that anyone allows thei... 
Is balanced necessarily better?
Are you sure we are not misconstruing balanced input/outputs and complemetry topology? The magic of cancelling noise that is picked up in balanced interconnects occurs in the balanced input stage that converts the balanced signal to a single ended... 
Cable Break-in....again?
Ridgestreetaudio,Wow. That was authoritative...cable burn is real. Doesn't matter what anyone thinks...it is real, like it or not.no, RSAD did offer special meds if required so everyone can enjoy the effect of break-in with cables.:)steve