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Kubala-Sosna & Meitner Emm Labs Gets my top Vote
anyone have a price list for the Kubala line interconnects, and speaker wire.if you have to ask, ask them!steve 
Speakercables : cool cold and frantic drive.
Why do you keep asking the same question every month?Maybe the problem isn't cables? Try a glass of wine..!steve 
general query about cables on Agon
Are these dealers in guise? Maybe on-line sales for those brands are prohibited by the manufacturer.steve 
sonic signature of Pure Note Paragon Question
Tvd, if your cables are Teflon, then they have a Teflon dielectric. The manufacturer must be implying that air is what you breath.Brainwater, stay away from manufacturers that state 30 day return policy, but break-in takes 40hrs a week x5 weeks(20... 
Subwoofer Cables. How important is quality?
you guys are rather insulting!BN explained his conclusions in a way that doesn't claim you are idiots for worshipping cables, but apparently your reading comprehension is not up to your hearing abilities.As great a difference they make, they are s... 
Breaking in power cords
How can we expect to hear a PC to break in, it doesn't even pass an audio signal? If the electrical properties change 10%, do you expect to be able to hear a difference and remember what it sounded like a few weeks befor?Seems to be the expectatio... 
balanced is inherently flawed
Making nonsense of technical issues is entertaining?have fun...:)steve 
Eichmann bullet plugs on Valhalla interconnects
you said "In this manner, your cable pair is ALWAYS matched from the same location in the bulk spool. "that sounds to me like the cable can be mis-matched if take from different parts of the spool. I don't recall matching cables to be an issue wit... 
Power Cords Snake Oil ??
I'd like to know what does it matter if the PC is "resonating". How many dB down is any aberation of the 60Hz wave?. A bit of rectification and filtering should cure that.Is there at least a theory to explain that relationship?steve 
Power Cords Snake Oil ??
I still wonder what does the power cord do that couldn't be fixed in the power supply. That would be my first quest if I found a majik cord.It would also helpexplain to customers what they were buying.steve