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When is unequal, equal?
And she need as rubber glove for that...?next time I'll ask!steve 
Cable for vintage Rotel tuner
Radio has about 12 dB dynamic range due to the multiband compression, limiting, and clipping done at the station. Not equal to even vinyl, though might be more enoyable due to the extra processing. Can't see the value in pricey cables here.steve 
Yup Power Cords
I thought hosspital grade meant it won't spark wth all those oxygen tanks around etc. As far as a cord cleaning up the power, I have yet to see even a manufacturers explaination how that happens. They usually just talk about the soundstage whateve... 
Reviews with all double blind testing?
In your hypothetical magazine, after DBT establishes that the Mega Whopper is distinguishable from El Thumper Grande, how would either be described? Would there be a DBT for each characteristic? strawman argument, the only point of DBT is to deter... 
alphacore users break in question
If they sound that horrible, why waste 100's of hours listening to them? Give them back to the dealer and use something else. He is giving you "the business".steve 
Cable auditions - Hard Work?
Any piece of wire can pass a square wave in the audio frequency range perfectly at the cable lengths we are using, maybe you are mis-interpreting what Joe meant? Maybe he can post a graph showing what he means.steve 
Power cord upgrade on subwoofer
That sounds like a good reason, but who is "they", HSU engineers and peoples or anonymous posters? steve 
Speakercable and powercord that thightens bass.
Why use room treatments when a cable lifter is all you need?steve 
aq amazon for a dark sounding cdplayer ?
Why not get a new player? The only reason a cd player will sound dark is if the manufacturer is doing something funny, no?steve 
What is thought of BMC, black mountain, cables?
It is odd their cables are not twisted or shielded. I don't think the digital cable wuld be anywhere near 75 ohm.steve 
Typical burn in time for Monster M1000i IC?
Sounds scientific and stuff...steve 
Power bar question
If you already have these pricey PC's, why ask here? Hook them up and tell us...I just don't get it, maybe that's because I'd just get some Voltexes and forget about it.steve 
Transparent Interconnect Question....
oh, the main benefit to balanced connections is that the grounds are isolated between equipment.steve 
Transparent Interconnect Question....
nsgarch, I can't imagion were you came up with your explaination of an input SE stage, it just isn't true.Most of your other points seem "made-up" too.As an example, if you take a balanced connection and just connect the pos or neg leg to ground, ... 
Help me pick a digital cable
In the pro world Apogee Wydeye would be considered good enough. But what do they know...!:)steve