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Fastest subwoofer?
Martin Logan Depth....great with my 3.6 maggies!! 
Conrad Johnson PV-12A - Remove Phono Board?
Why are you selling the PV-12A? I love mine and can't wait until I can upgrade my TT to take full advantage of the great phone stage in it. I sold my Marsh hybrid preamp to get the CJ and I'm glad I did. 
what type of subwoofer is good for ribbons
Martin Logan Depth sub works great with my 3.6 maggies!! 
good amp for Maggies?
My Rotel RB 1090 with 380 wpc @ 8 ohms and 700 wpc @ 4 ohms along with my Conrad Johnson PV-12A tube preamp make my 3.6 maggies really sing. The Rotel was very well reviewed years ago by Stereophile. 
Spin Clean Record Washer
I just emailed Mark and he is sending me out a new Spin Clean. I guess his new supplier has corrected the problems the first batch had. Now that is great customer support.I withdraw my buyer beware statement!! 
Spin Clean Record Washer
I recently bought a Sin Clean and had an issue with it. I had to wait about a month for it because everyone was out of stock, even the manufacturer. Mark Mawhinney, the owner of Spin Clean emailed and offered extra cleaning fluid to those who woul... 
The Cheap Stuff
I just dug out my old Technics SL-D2 that I bought new in 1980. Slapped an Ortofon 2M Red on it, cleaned a few records with my new Spin Clean and I too am enjoying my over 300 albums for cheap!! 
Passive sub for Magnepan 3.6r?
ML Depth with my 3.6 maggies has worked well for me.http://www.integracoustics.com/MUG/MUG/pix/HTFer/ 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Other plans have been made by my family for my birthday. I hope all that attend enjoy those funny looking little round speakers like I did last time. Thanks Tom!! 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
It is awfully nice of all of you guys wanting to have a get together for my 57th birthday, 6/28/52!! Count me in Tom!! 
Your input please: Using sub on 2 channel amp
ML Depth sub along with my 3.6 maggies sound great. Check out the ML line of subs while you are at it. 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Tom,It was nice meeting you and the others yesterday. I really enjoyed your system!! Thanks for being such a great host. Hope to see you and the others at the next gathering. 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Tom,I missed the last one, but would love to come to Loveland for this one!! 
Bel Canto DAC3 or CD-1
More detail and slam with the DAC3. I took the CJ PV-12A preamp out of my system for a while and had the DAC3 direct to the amp. Then the other day, I put the preamp back in. That is how we listened to the CD-1 of course. I think I like the sound ... 
Bel Canto DAC3 or CD-1
After one day of listening with the DAC3, it is without a doubt a better sound than the CD-1. It blows me away. My system has just moved up several levels!!