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Best used or new DAC under $3500
@rsimon. That’s a lot of dacs!How does the yggy compare to PS Audio DS dacs?I have a yggy, but have been looking at PSAudio lately. 
Picking a Tube integrated amp
@dekey,Do you have any idea what you are talking about?    
Picking a Tube integrated amp
@rubytuesday I understated Turing off speakers after a short listen.  I did the same with some 7,500 B&W bookshelf’s.i would urge you to listen to some Aerial Acoustic speakers. I have the 5t’s.   You won’t turn them off until around 2am.   
Picking a Tube integrated amp
I have the PrimaLuna Dialog HP. Go for the HP.Troublefree,  looks awesome, sounds spectacular.  If the EL34 power tubes ever die, which will be a long time,  I’ll think about maybe puttting in the KT150 Power Pickles. I put in 2 Millard cv4003 in ... 
New system has fatiguing, harsh high frequency sounds. How to fix?
You can run it on Rock.Indian music is outside my American geographical music familiarity. So I’ll bow out of this discussion.  
New system has fatiguing, harsh high frequency sounds. How to fix?
You can’t make scratching nails across the chalk board sound pleasant. Roon - since you never heard of it, how can you make assertions about the configuration requirements.  
New system has fatiguing, harsh high frequency sounds. How to fix?
I did not read all the previous replies, but You did quite the detailed write up for your equipment, but you left out the most important thing.  What kind of music do you listen to?  Many mass speaker manufactures try to impress you out of the gat... 
Primaluna dialogue premium HP tube rolling suggestions to reduce brightness
Hey Georgehifi,I own this amp and I have been running it in UL mode exclusively for over 2 years.  It’s sweet and I listen to it hours on end with none of what you are explaining second hand.  I would suggest to others to look at their speakers as... 
"Best" mini-monitor?
Listen to the Aerial 5T’s if possible and plan on spending at least an  hour to audition.  
Aerial 5T impressions
After a year these 5T beauties continue to deliver a sound stage of acoustically accurate music that is amazingly balanced across lows and highs.  I play them so much I’m afraid I’ll wear them out.   
Best Footers for DAC?
I’ll never go back to analog.  IMO Digital has surpassed the once great art form.  Now that vinyl is cut from digital what is the point of playback on media that has so many limitations.  
Cartridges: Complete Scam?
stop replying and it will go away. 
New Yggdrasil - First (and second) Impressions
I have owned the yggy for 2 years. I needed a Dac and it fit into the Roon/ microrendu architecture I wanted.  I listen to mostly acoustic jazz, bluegrass, folk, classical, and the great bands like Led Zeppelin. It does well with this type of musi... 
Best DAC for my situation...Read on!
I have a yggy from Schiit it is a very analog sounding Dac and pairs best with acoustic music.  Great sound.  If you read the fanboy site over on head-fi they will make you believe it sounds better than 20k options, but most on that site are biase... 
What formats does the Yggdrasil DAC support?
Guys the Gen 5 USB has a software bug that is preventing you from playing 24 bit. The same happened to me. This software bug has been confirmed in other forums. Schiit is being very quiet about this and their customer service is truly the Schiit t...