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Remote pc operation?
If you look at your settings, local resources "remote audio" you may see that you have to configure this to not allow remote audio 
Classe DR-6 or Adcom GFP-750
I had the classe 5 and it was a much nicer preamp then the adcom I had before. Very warm and full sounding. 
Mac used with windows cd server problem.
have you tried rdc for mac? It is available on the microsoft.con/mac page. 
Blue Ray & HD DVD discs
But there are combo hd-dvd discs out there that play in standard dvd players, you can find a list online of titles. 
How to tunr FLAC into Apple Lossless
Max is the way to go, I use flac on my pc at home and apple lossless on my mac at work. My 8 way mac pro processes 8 songs at a time and can rip through gig's of files in a flash. The best part is that unlike some programs on the pc side max trans... 
Pet audiophile peeves - name yours
Clarence Center, New York is about 8 hours from NYC and a little town of 1700 people convering 2 square miles...Western New Yorker's are friendly and always like to answer audio questions. My biggest peeve is when someone asks if they will "loose"... 
Any Disadvantage Using DVI-HDMI Adapters?
I use for my cables, they are priced well and they have hdmi switchboxes, dvi-hdmi cables, etc. You may want to confirm that your dvi port is hdcp compliant (can you connect a cable box to it?) to receive hd content on it. 
A/V Cable needed 
Oppo 970 sounds better than HDDVD player on DVDs?
that is correct, it will output hd-dvd's at 1080i/720p over the component but it will not output upsampled sd-dvd at anything above 480p on compenent. You need hdmi to output upsampled sd-dvd. 
Oppo 970 sounds better than HDDVD player on DVDs?
You are correct in not seeing the full potential of the hd-dvd player when using component outputs. The ICT flag prohibits it from upsampling to 1080/720 and outputting over the component inputs. Some players do not honor this flag (samsung early ... 
What are you getting for $12k in a pre-pro?
Another commment, I thought the sunfire grand II had a db-25 input on back for connection to a external processor or dvd player? 
What are you getting for $12k in a pre-pro?
Can you please tell us which hi-def player it is? If it is the HD-A2 then it omits the multi-channel analog outputs. Only the x model has them. This would negate your need for the multi-channel inputs. 
HD ready madness
HD-DVD discs do currently allow HD-DVD 1080i output over component (but not upsampled dvd, that violates the ict in place on the dvd's). Until the time that they start implementing the ict flags you would have no issue. But you may want to check o... 
Has iTunes, etc. impacted your listening habits?
Itunes has impacted my listening quite a bit, since I work more than I am home. I have a pretty nice setup at work, Quad Intel MacPro/30" Monitor connected to project headamp/sennheiser 600's and a panasonic xr50/b&w 602. I can listen all day ... 
HDTV widescreen - Grey bars on side, not black?
What is the cable box? On my hdtv box I have a setting called tv borders with options like dark, light etc.