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Anyone still do insightful or intelligent lyrics?
In this day and age, the lyrics of VNV Nation's Ronan Harris seem to really speak to the disillusionment and frustration that a existentialist feels while looking back into the society that surrounds us. They are as intelligent and timely at this ... 
I think I need a pair of headphones
You could also look at the HD580's or hd590 (not as laid back as the 580/600) as they sale for sub-100 in the used market, or just look on over at lots of good stuff there. 
Home Theater speaker system choice - help
While not warm musically (they lean toward accurate which is good for movies) the axiom line of speakers is very good for the price and match seamlessly. 
Liteon digital cd playback......
I am also wondering the same thing, before I buy a phillips 763sa or 963sa. Any model numbers would be helpful also and where you got them, I have seen the 2002 available but not the 2001. From the specs I have seen they seem to be computer drives... 
any fans of early industrial?
I am a avid industrial listener, from death in june, foetus, and caberet voltaire to newer stuff like apotygma bezerk and vnv nation.patrick 
How can I improve Apple iTunes through my system?
First off, be weary of any ma-audio cards as they dont work in the g5's pci-x slots. Second, make sure your processor performance is set to auto or choose for me in energy saver panel as it will keep the fans dead silent. I would look at a monarch... 
Rush albums sound quality
Check this out- article. 
Using Denon 3803 as pre/pro a good idea?
I have done this with a 2801 and rotel/acurus amps and had better results, but then I switched to a sony 9000es pre/amp and digital sources sounded very good but music was still to bright. Installed line stage ps audio 6.0 pre and run the inputs i... 
Rotel RMB 1095 - no 12 volt trigger
Please make sure that the draw of the amp does not blow out the back of the pre, those outlets usually are for cd players or tuners and not amps. 
DVD black and white
Have you checked to make sure your cables are good? I have had a bad pin on svhs cause this 
Who's to blame for the Grain??
First, how is your cd player connected? Digital or Analog? If you are using digital then a tube cd player is not going to help you unless you switch to a non-digitizing pre-amp (or you have analog bypass). If you are using digital, look at the Aud... 
New batch of Albert Porter's cryo treated Hubbells
Count me in for one. 
Sony TA-E9000ES Preamp Firmware upgrades 
Has anyone heard the Swan Diva line of Speakers?
You made want to check over on the asylum or harmonicdiscord, seems to be a lot of talk about them there.Patrick 
Modify my scd ce775 or buy external DAC?
Ihave had the 775 for about 5 months now, and it has been playing almost 24 hours a day since then (so it should be broken in) and I can say that the MIT cables did make it sound much different. I used to run it straight into the DAC on my Sony TA...