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Compare BAT Vk30 to Sonic Frontiers Line 2?
BAT VK-30 is heaven with my VK-200 and Aerial 10Ts. I didn't audition the SF. Tried a Conrad Johnson and an Ayre, went with the BAT. Fantastic musicality, and a great user interface. The phono option was a surprisingly outstanding bonus. 
Re-tube time for a BAT VK30. Advice please
Jeff, 6H23s were about $20 bucks each from BAT. Michael 
Re-tube time for a BAT VK30. Advice please
Sorry - typo. BAT supplied me with Russian 6H23s, not 6N23s. 
Balanced cable for a BAT vk3 - recommendations?
Audiomagic Spellcaster IIs work great for me. I also tried Transparent XLs and decided the AMs were great and at a price I found fair. 
Re-tube time for a BAT VK30. Advice please
I went with BAT's recommendations; always have appreciated the personal service of Mr. Khomenko himself. Victor set me up with 6N23s and I'm very happy. Sounds great and I never have to worry when I go with what VK advises. After all, he's the des... 
The TURNTABLE seen on "Tomb Raider"
Anyone remember what Mel Gibson had in his place in "What Women Want"? I recall a TT there, Levinson electronics, and Revel speakers. 
Advice on Phono Cables for VPI TT?
I think I'm going to buy the VPI cable, which they say is made with the same wire as the JMW arm. For me this seems to make sense, continuing the sonics of the JMW arm right down to the preamp. I'll give it a whirl and let the gang here know how i... 
The best CD Player for the money
California Audio CL-15. Lots of slam, great dynamics. Great review in Stereophile some time ago. 
Advice on Phono Cables for VPI TT?
Spotdoc, I also heard from VPI to use the copper version of the Kimber TAK if I decided to go that route. What are you going to try out when you get your table?The rest of my system is BAT VK-30 pre and VK-200 amp on Aerial 10Ts. I'm having good r... 
Advice on Phono Cables for VPI TT?
Thanks to all for the advice. Interesting about the silver recommendation. The Audio Magic Spellcaster IIs are silver. I found that, contrary to the stereotype about silver, the AMs are warm sounding, more so than the FMS, which seem to have more ... 
Fired up the TT for the first time
I agree with all the fawning over vinyl. Just got my VPI Aries and JMW/Grado. It's a dream. What a combo with BAT and Aerial 10Ts. 
Amp for Aerial speakers?
I've chosen BAT, which cranks tons of current into my 10Ts. I've always heard about the Aerials needing power, but find that the 200W into 4 ohms from my VK-200 is ample. The BAT never seems to run out of juice, and I can feel that I'm on the edge... 
TT: Aries or Delphi V
I just bought the Aries/JMW 10 combo 2 weeks ago. I absolutely love it. I've also wanted the Oracle in the past but decided to go for the Aries after reading several reviews - it was close. Live and in person, the Aries is drop dead gorgeous. The ... 
BAT VK-5i or VK30 ??
Pete, I felt that the VK-30 sounded a lot like the 5i. BAT says the 3i has the same level of current delivery as the "legendary" 5i. I liked the 5i vs the 3i and preferred it's midrange dimensionality and bass, but the 3i was nice too. I've not he... 
XLR for BAT VK-3i and VK-200?
I am absolutely thrilled with Audio Magic Spellcaster IIs between my VK-30 and VK-200. They're very detailed, have great bass, and excellent soundstaging and dimensionality. The dynamics and rhythm blow away single ended (which I was able to compa...