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Looking to replace a CD transport...
I would love to find an affordable Jay's...Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought the retail was close to $5K on the new Jay's...   Andrew  
VPI Scout upgades?
I've just ordered a set of 5 Pods from John Townshend...hope it's a wise investment and starting point to appreciate the Scout to its potential. 
VPI Scout upgades?
So much good info and recommendations based on real experience! 
VPI Scout upgades?
tzh21y,That's why I want to keep it and find its potential.I have the table on an oak base I built. Two 18'x18" x1.75" Gaskets between them...i still get feedback from a suspended hardwood floor! Lots of mass but not really working to remove vibra... 
VPI Scout upgades?
I see Townshend Podium units for speakers, where could I find a turntable design/product? 
VPI Scout upgades?
Thanks for the suggestions. I have a Channel Islands phono pre...  
Low level phono cables for rel s3 subs
Good to hear, I recall similar observations about power cords and subs. 
Looking to buy a power conditioner
I'm running an Aesthetix Mimas integrated with a PS Audio PW transport/VPI Scout TT, Focal 1038Be speakers...Starting my journey to find the cables that will work with my rig...Budget, $600-$1000 
Phono cable suggestions...?
Thanks! I found my 2M Black has a load capacitance at 150-300 pF...What are the implications of being on the low end (150) and the high end (300)? 
Your favorite album cover...
1975 Elton John, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy! Artwork by Alan Aldridge.  
Your favorite 'concept' album
Elton John, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy! Depicts the journey of one of the greatest song writing partnerships of our pop culture. 
Pass Labs int 60 vs. Luxman 590 uX ii
I've considered the Hegel, but I'm old school and don't have time or interest in streaming and all the technology that goes with it. I wonder if the Hegel is a good option as I would not use all of its capacity. 
Pass Labs int 60 vs. Luxman 590 uX ii
Sorry, Luxman 590AX2, not ux... 
Pass Labs int 60 vs. Luxman 590 uX ii
Thanks for your perspective and observations. I'll study the 509...Unfortunately, this move will be based on reviews and opinions. I have no convenient means of actually listening to these amps... 
PrimaLuna EVO 400 or Raven Audio Blackhawk integrateds?
tablejockey, good suggestion, Upscale has extended their audition period to 60 days and Raven offers 45 days. Valid point, 20 watts vs 70 watts. Perhaps I should consider the Osprey at 30 watts...