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Table upgrade: SOTA Comet? or ?
Thanks for the feedback! I failed to note my phono pre is the Pro-ject Tube Box 2 w/stock tubes...Also, I too was not convinced the BP2 was all that great, but at the time it seemed OK.... I like the cart/phono pre upgrade idea as long as the Pro-... 
EXOGAL Comet or Shitt Yggdrasil DAC
Thanks for your thoughts. david_ten nudged me to the Comet, smooth, clean and easy to live with.Andrew 
2 Rel T7s or 1 Rel T9???
Thank you for your input and expertise. I am going with the pair of T7s! I think it makes good sense on several levels. Ben_wood, sorry to report, the T2s are gone on a trade.Any suggestions for bass heavy recordings for sub run in period?Thanks! 
2 REL T-5 subwoofers vs. one Rythmik 12
I have 2 Rel T2s that I will be posting soon, one in black, 3 months old. One in cherry, 15 months old. Sweet little subs, let me know if you have interest...A 
Are there any albums you consider perfect?
I have to agree with Macdadtexas; Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is a treasure from start to finish. It is without question, one of Elton's finest albums. He continues to impress after 40 plus years! 
Time to move on from my old SOTA ?
Thanks for your input everyone. I'm going to send my old friend back to Chicago for an update. 
Time to move on from my old SOTA ?
Thanks for your advice folks. I like the idea keeping the OL' SOTA! More advice needed... How far should I go with the repair and updates? SOTA advises me that this table can be brought up to a current production Saphire (5th generation?) Is this ...