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Sloped baffle
Do not pick a speaker based on crossover slope, sloped baffle or not, type of driver, or any other feature or set of features. There are plusses and minuses of every design under the sun. Don't even be influenced by things such as this. Pick a spe... 
Where is All the DSD?
The reality of this promising format is not too exciting so far, is it? My vinyl keeps me satisfied. But DSD could be such a cool thing for music lovers (as opposed to gear lovers).Disappointed... 
Sheffield Lab
Wow: "...has the largest soundstage of any record in my collection....""....I agree that the Sheffields are wonderful.""... Some of my best recordings are on Sheffield.""...Sheffield put out some very, very good titles.""....I agree that the Sheff... 
Speakers for SET 8 Watt 300B system?
It certainly would be best to listen before buying, something that works for one guy could be underpowered for the next. 
What direction should Hi Fi tune fuse be installed
Yes, On Highway 61, I forgot how leading edge the physics is in audio. Nearly all the principles can be learned in freshman year at any of the best engineering universities, so high tech is audio! Unlike intelligence, which is not much of a person... 
What direction should Hi Fi tune fuse be installed
Geoff, the magnetic wave has no net oscillates back and forth, not in just one direction. THAT is the definition of AC. You have never taken a physics course, electrical engineering course, have you? Or, you would know better. Knowing w... 
What direction should Hi Fi tune fuse be installed
Geoff, since there is no net flow, no "direction" of electron travel, then it follows there is no difference in the orientation of a fuse. Have someone change it, or not change it, and you have to identify it. You will see you fail as often as you... 
What direction should Hi Fi tune fuse be installed
There is no direction of "AC flow". AC is Alternating Current. There is no net electron flow. All the cable makers, accessory makers, fuse makers, etc., who talk about direction of flow are showing their misunderstanding of the basics of electrica... 
Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?
Well, you bought one of the best speaker lines on the market, based on sound, not "paid by advertising" reviews. Enjoy. 
Speaker balance control
My gosh it is so easy, if you don't want to move things as I suggested (and you will hear NO phase effects as suggested by others) then just use an inline attenuator. Attack problems with the simplest solutions first. 
Speakers with good timing
You are going to get the same list of speakers as if you asked "what is your favorite speaker?" 
JBL DD 66000 and DD67000
You're welcome Audiolabrinth. I can't say any one speaker is the best in the world. Personal preference enters. But these models are some of the best IMO. 
Speaker balance control
1. Move your chair off center toward the opposite side you of the image shift. Or...2. Move the speaker the image has shifted toward back a bit, further away from you. Or...3. Add a bit of series resistance to the interconnect going to your amp, o... 
Revel or Aerial
Is it something about the Revel sound, as you ask, or something about the Thiel sound? Thiels have a lot more of their own "sonic character" than the Revels. 
What's a good alternative to Pass Labs?
I too think you are looking in the wrong place. Trying to find a better amp than the Pass that fits your speakers perfectly in the areas you are not happy with will be an enormous task. And likely not fruitful. In the realm of SS amps I would neve...