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JBL DD 66000 and DD67000
1. The 67000 is immediately audible as smoother, more natural sounding. Most folks loved the 66000 at my place, and had no problem in this area. But I like the added smoothness of the 67000. 2. The 67000 is clearer in the midrange. Lower level det... 
Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?
Geoff, not everything is black and white. Systems do not go from "nice sounding" to "intolerable distortion" over a 1 db range. It is a gradual thing. But the ear does tend to suddenly notice things when they get to a certain threshold, just as th... 
Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?
Geoffkait, everything is involved in increasing distortion when the volume goes up.First is your impression, even the base level of distortion becomes more intolerable when the volume goes up. Second, the transducers, the speakers or headphones, a... 
Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?
Some good thoughts from Johnnyb, except the brightness range (2k to 5k) is more associated with fatigue than 100 to 200hz.And definitely ringing tweeters higher up than 2 to 5k can drive folks crazy, like one brand has so demonstrated. 
TW Acustic Turntable Mat
No, Ebm, I do not have a "legand" turntable, never heard of it. Is it French? 
TW Acustic Turntable Mat
Your insecurity is sad, Ebm. I hope you can overcome it. But measuring your worth through your audio purchases and ability to try to say how copper platters sound relative to aluminum platters, and other such audio minutia, is not the path to bett... 
TW Acustic Turntable Mat
No it is not. There are ways to do things right, sometimes weveral. But it IS a case of a materials scientist, modelling, and finite element analysis guy who has worked on these problems that involve many designs in several fields. Unfortunately i... 
Wire differences explained common sense
Stewie, you stand above the crowd in admitting that some of your listening choices could have a bias based on other factors. That is a seriously self-aware and mature viewpoint, the admission of which would have most folk on a forum like this feel... 
TW Acustic Turntable Mat
6 years of formal education, 35 years design engineering, consulting, and reasearch and several systems that would shrink your ego several sizes. Meanwhile you can worship your old rig which you had no part of designing or producing. The differenc... 
Opinions - Best Sound at T.H.E. Newport 2013 Show?
Quad Man, maybe it was the Q7 and not the lack of "burn-in" and the associated system htat made the Q7 lousy. Why would you assume that a "totally different system" would make them sound great. Maybe the Q7 was making that system sound bad!When th... 
TW Acustic Turntable Mat
Mixing and matching colorations is what the matt enthusiasts ere doing. If the platter is right use no mat. If the platter is wrong change turntables unless you don't have any money. If that's the case try every common material you can instead of ... 
What benefits to expect from tonearm upgrade
Without the right tonearm you will never realize the potential of your cartridge or turntable. Unless both are very subpar, get the great tonearm first. 
Loudspeaker dispersion-
That's not the wide band dispersion, that would be above a certain frequency. 
Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?
Wow, Alex, blowing your own horn is a specialty. Look, leave it to others to do that. Self-reporting is notoriously unreliable. And very, very unflattering. 
most clear, crisp sound power amps, monoblocks ?
Compared to what, at what price, with what speakers?