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Historical look at amps
I will defend Ayre in two regards on this issue. First off he has tried to educate us all. In Stereophiles Ayre Factory Tour article Hansen discusses zero feedback at length.On a separate note I guess I am guilty of emphasizing the wrong thing. My... 
Historical look at amps
Ayre's response. I asked Ayre the following question. Please not this is not hype but a reponse from Ayre's president and chief circuit designer.My question........> I¬íve been corresponding with other> audiophiles on in the disc... 
Historical look at amps
THis is fun. Bombaywalla you need to quit SHOUTING. I was not DEAD WRONG. I was relating what Ayre says. I hold no religious conviction. I live 50 miles from the Ayre factory in Boulder CO and my comments were taken from my discussions with engine... 
Personal amp evolution
I started this silly pastime in 1963Grundig consol stereo (parents)Dynaco 35 (kit)McIntosh 275 (I should be hung for selling this for more power)Phase Linear 1000Carver 4000 (little switching power supply 400w/c terrible)Crown DC300PS Audio (200wa... 
What is Audio Researches best preamp period
NOT the LS2BHad it for three year. Bright as hell. Could have used it as a dentist drill. 
Historical look at amps
Aball, the Ayre products have no local or global feedback. That was my point. They now do exist and I don' believe Ayre will be alone for long. If you don't believe me go to (no I'm not an Ayre rep but I do own a K1xe.)Ayre has zero feedb... 
Which Krell to hunt down on the used market?
Just upgraded from KSA-200s to a FPB-300cx. I'd say the quality is up not down. The cx is much more musical. I recall the old KSA250s were very harsh but super dynamic and wonderful in the lower end. 
Replacing Sonic Frontiers Line 3 SE
I owned the same preamp for three years (SE upgrade after a year.) I just went through the replacement dance the beginning of this year. AuditionedBig BAT51SE - frankly it didn't beat the Line 3 at allBig Boulder ($35K I think) very analytical etc... 
power for Thiel 3.5's
I owned 3.6s and had a two year problem with them drilling holes in my ears. The speakers were great but my ARC LS2B was on the bright side and not a good match. I got a Sonic Frontiers Line3 and the speakers got much better. Although I've never u... 
Ayre C5xe or APL 3910 ?
Russellrcncom you should look into the Ayre C7e. Not as good as the 5 but 98% for half the price. I'm pondering that cost vs deminishing returns delema right now. 
Ayre C5xe or APL 3910 ?
Ozzy your comments about an upgrade requiring a purchase of new equipment is generally true, but not true with Ayre. They have a factory upgrade "path". All the newer Ayre products have the "e" for evolution in their name and you can send your old... 
Do You Remember Your First CD Player?
I believe it was the first 4x sampling CD player made. About 1982. I remember the 1st Phillips, Sony, and Phase Linear were the only players in existance when I bought it. 
What are the best CD Player around $3500?
Ops...I was refering to the Ayre Cx-7e. 
What are the best CD Player around $3500?
Just finished an in home audition of two days. Most musical player at that price point ($3000) around. Only problem is it ONLY plays CDs, not SACDs etc. 
Ayre C5xe or APL 3910 ?
I have a Ayre and long time Linn dealer here in Ft Collins. My impression is the Linn CD12 is a very good player but compared to the Ayre C5xe there is no comparision. The Ayre has far more extension (high end) impact (dynamics and low end extenti...