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Ayre C5xe or APL 3910 ?
I've auditioned the Ayre and its little brother the cx-7e. Both are wonderful. I have to admit I've become addicted to Ayre's house sound. (I own the K1xe preamp) My current CD player, the Sony XA777ES, is good but the Ayres are way more musical. ... 
M-Audio Audiophile problem
Standard stereo setup. Phono cartridge to phono preamp into preamp into amp into speakers. Tape recorder outputs on all stereo preamps and receivers are used as recorder in. So the M-Audio is taking the place of the tape recorder. 
Whats the best sampling for A do D to CD
THanks everyone. I was trying to ask a hardware independent question. I guess the answer I'm hearing is stay with 16/44.1 so you don't have to do any followon conversion. Or maybe 24/44 (if that's possible.)I also get confused by the disconnect be... 
USB outboard sound card comment
I just purchased a Firewire version of M-Audio Audiophile. Time will tell. I understand USB 2 has even a better bandwidth then Firewire but I was unable to distinguish which devices are USB 1 or 2. 
Clicking noise with M-Audio Audiophile USB
Would the new Firewire version of the Audiophile not have this problem? 
Records to CD ripping need basic help
What about USB outboards like M-Audio. 
Sonic Frontiers Line 3
When you clean the preamp with air...don't remove the tubes first. You would blow dust into the pin connections if they are empty. 
Does it matter what power amp i get?
Your trying to make it simple. You sure asked the wrong crowd. You don't realize that we argue over Triodes vs Pentodes and whether one $4000 amp blows away another $4000 amp (that have basically the same specifications.)I will assume you are sinc... 
Krell amps and Tube Preamps - enemies?
I've used a BAT KV-51SE, Calypso, and SF Line3 with a Krell KSA-200s with good results. (Also earlier a AR LS2B witched worked but the combo with THiel 3.6s drilled a hole in your ears.) 
Sound is too big for my room.
THe size of the sound has nothing to do with electronics. The speakers are the key. I used to have electrostatics and their sound was so large they made me feal I was inside soloists mouths and inside the piano. That was due to the physical size o... 
Krell KAV-2250 power, against HALO JC-1
I hate to sound snobbish but all the KAV line are not even in the same class as the FBP or other audiophile amps such as the JC-1. Don't get me wrong, if you are interested in home theater the KAV is great stuff (over priced in my opinion) but for... 
"High Current"
The reason current is the issue is that high rail voltages collapse under demand and low impedences. Hi voltage measured with high impedence has nothing to do with an amps performance. 
"High Current"
Two equations tell the entire story. Watts=VoltagexCurrent, and Watts=Current(squared)x Resistance.So as has been stated earlier an amp that is not current limited will double its power as the impedence is halved. So if an amp is rated at 200 watt... 
Preamp Recommendations Lamm, Ayre K-1x, BAT 31SE
I've just extensively auditioned the K-1x vs the BAT VK51se and the Calypso. With my Krell amp and Revel speakers the Ayre is the best by a mile. The Calypso beat the BAT. This order really surprised me. I expected the BAT to beat the others hands... 
Sonic Frontiers pre-amps
Spent 5 days with the Calypso on loan. It is so close to the Line 3 SE that its amazing. Calyspo is a single chases, much lighter, only 4 tubes and a mix of RCA and XLR in/outputs.Since the SF pre is what 5 years older technology or at least desig...