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Sim Moon cd player Opninons
OK you snobes. I have auditioned the Linns, Muse, Meridian 588, and the Sim. The Sony is better, not just SACD but straight red book. I had the same reaction. Since the SCD-1 came out Sony have come out with a series of players that are competitiv... 
Sim Moon cd player Opninons
Whatjd....Sorry I meant the XA999ES. Its reviewed in the Jan and Feb Stereophile. Better then the 555/333 which got A ratings in the Oct 01 Stereophile. 
Stupid question about Revel speakers
Sfstero. Thanks but by that do you mean there was never a Revel Studio, just a Revel Ultima Studio. I know about current models. 
Sim Moon cd player Opninons
Upgrade your Sony to the XA888ES. Much better base then the Moon and about the same in higher freqs. Attack on the XA is the best in show. Even beats the Meridian and Wadia. 
CD Player for around 3500?
Tireguy I can't fault your taste but the Capitole is a long way from my $3500 mark. Its going for $6800. 
Stereophile's A+ vs A rating leaves a question
Good point. But I wouldn't call Cary large. Levinson yes, as part of Harmon surely is in the hi fi world. 
CD Player for around 3500?
Thanks everyone for your comments. Yes I see a lot of brand loyalty but I'm sure that after checking out a sub set of those avaiable in your price range. I wounder if anyone has experience with the Audio Aero Capitol vs their cheaper CD player? Wh... 
Stereophile's A+ vs A rating leaves a question
Thanks Fat. Still have questions about Audio Aero. The company is small, overseas, and only been around 15 years? This is a major investment. It like buying a DeLorean. Great car but who fixes the thing after the bankruptcy?Small stereo companies,... 
Attention Cary CD Owners
Does Cary offer a upgrade of the 306 to the newer version? 
Stereophile's A+ vs A rating leaves a question
Ok. As of yesterday I'd never heard of the Audio Aero company or the Capitole. Assuming your all right I have reservations about a company that has limited distribution. I don't believe there is a place in Colorado that has it. THe other issue I h... 
Has anyone heard "XM" satellite radio?
I've heard the XM and was disappointed. Its better then FM but not as good as CD. I am waiting for Sirius a competitor of XM that is due to launch in Feb. Its said to be better quality, a little more per month, but no commercials. 
Revel Salons or Studios?
Clueless. THe listening couch is about 18 feet from the front wall, 14 feet from the speakers, and about 22 feet from the back wall. So I'm in good shape not being close to any boundaries and not near reflections. The entire kitchen is behind me. 
DVD-A and SACD player combo
Read this month's Stereophile. The front cover and a review of just such an animal. And they give it a good review. 
Any updates on firewire and SACD?
This is sort of an apples and oranges question. The two standards have nothing to do with each other.If you are really asking when will there be a pure hi data rate digital output from SACD equipment that's not a technical question. Its a legal co... 
Revel Studio or Salon?
To MG123Your comments about aluminum sides bothered me so I contacted Revel directly. Here is there reply.Ken,While the addition of the panels to the speaker body will add someadditional dampening, the speaker enclosures themselves are measured an...