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Klipsch Heresy iv...Your experience.
Wolf,  how is the break- in of the new speakers going? I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the three versus the four.  Especially as a stand alone speaker without the subs in the chain.  Looking forward to what you think so far. 
Klipsch Heresy iv...Your experience.
So Wolf, did your speakers come in Saturday? 
Desire to try tubes
Quicksilver Audio has an integrated tube amp for $2000.  20 watts per channel.  Looks nice.  
Luxman L-509X
Was just throwing it out there JJ,  wasn't judging the guy 
Luxman L-509X
Zero Fidelity on YouTube did a nice review on the Luxman 550axii, the little brother of the 590. He must have liked it, it's his new reference. 
JBL Synthesis “Bookshelves”
The one bad review of the stands that I've seen was on Andrew Robinsons site.  I question where the stands had been before he got them.  I have a pair with the stands and there is no rust or cracks in them.  But then I take care of my equipment. 
Klipsch Heresy 4?
I enjoy Huff's reviews.  He does have some good insight about the components he reviews.  But you should keep in mind, the newest speaker, amp, etc., that he reviews, is the best.  And he keeps it for a while until the next "Best" hits his column.  
Klipsch Heresy IV - not what I was expecting
Klipsch Heresy IV
I'm not sure about double the price.  Music Direct has the 3's listed at $2598 for a pair.  The 4's are listed at $2998 a pair.  Looks like there's only a $400 difference. 
Bob Carver Integrated Amp
I'm sorry. Figure of speech.  It looks interesting. 
Guttenberg's Cornwall IV Review -- I'm in trouble
I agree with Wolf.   
Would you donate a dollar to have these Members Review a Product?
No. If I'm interested in a piece of equipment, I want to hear it for myself. Too many people buy things based on other peoples thoughts, and then they are disappointed with their purchase. 
Unison Research
I don't own, but a friend of mine has the Triode 25, and he loves it. He has them mated to some Harbeth speakers.  I've  heard his system numerous times, and it sounds really, really nice.  He does use both the triode/pentode modes.  Really nice l... 
Leben CS600 or Atmasphere or ARC
+1 Leben 
Klipsch Heresy IV
I agree.  Until someone actually listens to the new Heresy, there's no way to tell.