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Cable problems
Cardas cables will suite the AR complete system as your system in on the lean sounding side. 
Best Tube Dac you ve heard
My Audio Note DAC4 SIGNATURE is by far the BEST I've heard at any price! 
Wanted DB-25 to 6 RCA interconnect
Hi, I have a brand new set mande by monster cable. Model# interlink 206HT. THX certified cable...if it means anything to you. Let me know if you're interested. 
I give up on HT
I SOLD my entire HT setup after many unfruitfull attempts to justify it's existance in my home. I then did the wisest deceision by replacing the HT system with a BOSE HT system. Now, life is beautiful as my living room looks neat and tidy. Does no... 
Solen vs Hovland caps
Hovlands are by far the best caps I've used. It beats out the Solens and the Multicaps. Only problem is that they costs an arm and a leg. These caps have the smoothest highs and mids I've encountered so far.If you think your speaker is worth the c... 
Are MC step-up transformers better?
Audio Note Step-up Transformer is the way to go. Try the silve wired wound ones. Will blow your brains out. 
Which SILVER cables sound best?
Properly made silver cable sounds awwwwsome! Most silver cables in the market sound bright. Try Audio Note cables....clearly the best ever made IMHO. 
One more BI-WIRE question
It really depends on the crossover design. If a crossover is designed properly, Bi-wiring would NOT make a difference. A properly designed crossover will not inject what is a so called "back EMF" from the speaker back to the amp. Bi-wiring really ... 
Best Power Conditioner
If you haven't heard the Foundation Research LC1 and LC2, You have not heard anything yet! I've used Bybees, PS power plants, changs...etc. Check this one out. Made in Canada! 
PSB Gold , NHT 3.3, Paradigm 100 V2?
As a previous owner of the PSB Gold i's, trust me as your money will buy you a lot less!!! I have since upgraded to Dunlavy's which costs many times more and still am impressed by the kind of sound that came out from those PSB speakers. Bravo PSB!... 
best 6DJ8 tube?
Valvo 6DJ8 id the best as well as Mullards. I have Valvo's for sale. Interested please email me mangsenglai@yahoo.com 
Opinions on Classe 15 or Classe 25 Amp.
I had a Classe 15 amp and it sounded great. It will drive any speaker in the market as it has a lot of "juice". This is definitely one of the better amps available today. Sold it because I had a chance to own a Mark Levinson amp. 
Has anybody heard the FIM power cords?
Power cords start at around USD775 for the silver version. Most Avalon dealers carry them in the USA 
Has anybody heard the FIM power cords?
Best I have used. They are very stiff though. Alot better than the Top of the line NBS I used to have. That said. 
Is no reserve really the truth?
Dtwomey, you've been mistaken, I checked out that auction of Wadia 850 and the opening bid was $1.00 So far, there were many bidders and the price is up to $2930. Therefore ,the minimum now is $2960. If you were the first person to place a bid, yo...