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Mark Levinson 331 good amplifier ?
Not a good anp....Great sounding amp which dissappears and leaves the music untouched...almost. go to www.audioreview.com to read reviews from all over the net. 
Interconnect with good bass
CARDAS!!! Very good bass cable. Very good bass damping too. 
First Impression Music Cable Products
Cables are really good! They have 2 power cords at this time..silver and Gold. 2 interconnects...Silver and Gold series and same for speaker cables. Great sounding high end cables and relatively cheaper than NBS. If you use these cables, you'd thi... 
Does anyone know if neutral cables exist
Audio Note AN-vZ interconnects and Audio Note AN-SPx speaker cables. Nothing much to look at but sounds very liquid without any sonic signature. 
Speaker Cable : Low/Mid Priced Advice
This is the second time I'm posting for you....Go Kimber 8TC..Lots of lively music will flow out! Great bass too. Kimbers are more forward sounding therefore music will have more life in it. 
Speaker Cable : Low/Mid Priced Advice
Kimber 8TC. I have used these cables for a long time. I compared them to Transparent ML super, MIT 750CVT and Kimber's are definitely better. They are cheap too. Don't let the price fool you. Looks and price are deceiving. Go for it. 
Cheap Tweeks
"BLACK DIAMOND RACING CONES"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Costs $60 for a set of 3pcs. The best thing that I got which made a heck lot of improvement. Their other stuff costs more but makes even greater dirrerence. Start with the cones first. 
Better Electronics or New Cables???
Well you didn't specify what you have. $1000 these days don't buy you much. If you have lower end electronics, then $1000 is a decent amount to spend on electronics. If you're pretty hi-end, then you should go cables and tweaks. Black Diamond Raci... 
Biggest Sonic Improvement
Black diamond Racing Cones and their other stuff. Just imagine your or my wife's jaw DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
JPS Labs versus Audio Quest (Megasam?)
They are definitely overated. Big bass! No Depth and soundstage...flat! Tonal balance neutral fortunately 
Anyone familiar with the EAR 834L Preamp
I have owned one for a short period of time. People and reviews say that the phono and line stage sounds good. The phono is really dark sounding and it turned me off. I tried a variety of tubes on it with on avail. Line stage is passive....nothing... 
Does silver speaker wire sound bright?
Definitely go all silver. The miscnception of silver sounding bright is because most so called silver cables are only silver plated on the outside. These cables definitely sound bright. However pure silver cables are more relaxed and liquid soundi... 
Does anyone know...
They are called something like " tekna" available at Audio Advisor. 
Modify Audio Research to 220Volts
This can be easilly done by a certified technician. The transformer has extra taps that can be rewired for 220v capability. I had a ARC classic 60 110v that I converted to 220v for my dad abroad. Please do not attempt to do it yourself unless you ... 
Totem Arro
Great speaker. Great sound for the price. I have heard them play in a couple CES shows and man it amazes me as well as others in the room. One small drawback.... it doesn't play very loud....loud enough but not quite. in a small to mid size room s...