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New Listener Mag Tweak Issue
I have a set of Shun Mook discs. they are places atop my preamp and work like a charm. Will highly recommend 
Cardas Caps Worthwhile?
Noise floor dropped. Very dark background Very effective. 
Mcintosh Equalization
If you're refering to the MQ 107 or other MQ reries EQ's, they work well to control the bass irregularities. Problem is that you need a Mcintosh AA2 spectrum analyzer to tune the EQ. Hope it helps. 
Leave well enough alone
Same here, I got a deal on a McIntosh MR71 tuner quite rare) Paid C$250 for it. Looked good except the inside the glass was a little dusty. I had to take it out to clean it. Guess what????!!! The markings were old and some of it came off!! I was p... 
I am Not hurting anything right ??
Bi-wire or not depends on how your speaker crossover is designed. A well designed speaker crossover does not benefit from bi-wiring.A not so well designed crossover feeds back EMF to the amplifier thus splitting the crossover into 2 or more sectio... 
Adv for the most musical DA?
Audio Note DAC 4 Signature or even the new DAC 5. Best I've ever heard at any price! 
Making Stereo amps into Mono
Upgrading the power supply capacitors is another alternative. You could "bypass" (connect in parellel) the older supply caps eith newer and faster poly film caps. This will help make the older cap function more efficiently and will result a cleane... 
Making Stereo amps into Mono
Bad idea to bridge a stereo into mono. The tonal balance of the amp will change and will result in inferior sound. I would suggest you find another PA7 and use them to Bi-amp your speakers. This way, you power the lows and highs saperately....way ... 
Sonic Frontiers Ultrajitterbug
I tried using one a few years ago between my Esoteric transport and Proceed DAC. Cables were Illuminati D-60. Turns out that the UJB degraded the sound. I sold it! 
Cones/Bearings for CD player
Well, BDR MK4 cones do not shift tonal balance. They are as neutral as it gets. However the MK3 stuff are colored. Well, some like it neutral and some like it colored. I go strongly for the MK4. Decisions are up to you. 
Cones/Bearings for CD player
Black Diamond Racing Cones is the way to go. I tried them under everything and works like a charm. It's really CHEAP for the improvement you get. Additional improvements can be obtained by using the cones with the pucks they sell. Although the puc... 
Most emotionally involving cables?
Argent, Most people use their cables as band aids to tune their systems tonal balance. That's no good as you will be constantly changing cables for the rest of your life after you change a component.Well, you paid so much for your new component. Y... 
Most emotionally involving cables?
After going thru lots of cables, the best I have ever come across that will make music like music is the Audio Note Silver interconnects and their speaker cables (AN-Vz and AN-SPx) respectively. If the only thing you care for is the music and only... 
I opened both MIT and Transparent netwks
Troy, I always wanted to know the contents in the boxes. Well, you've answered most of our questions. Well done! 
Is there no end?
Cardas cables is your key. Warm and big sounding. Ideal for lean sounding systems.