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Is the Rowland Model 12 sound that good?
Bravo- Lets here it for the understated amps that stomp on the Krells and Levinsons of the world. I would have to agree with the claims of the Rowland Model 12 and would like to add the Ayre Model V3 the the landscape...IMHO I believe this amp is ... 
Best Dead Concert on Mp3
Mrmon-I would have to agree with Tim, peolple on this site have a very well balance of musical tastes. But you are not alone in your love for the Dead, I love Jerry's colaborations with David Grisman and have been a fan of the Dead as well. I just... 
How Good are the Analysis Plus speaker c
I would have to agree with Sean about his comments on the Goertz MI-2's. I am running a pair bi-wired to my Maggie 1.6's and really have been very pleased with the results. Best-Gary 
Ayre V-3 vs BAT VK-200 vs Classe' CA-200
I did try the tweaks that Jont had mentioned. Dropping the ground on the Ayre V3 did make a huge differnce! Much greater soundstage. By the way if you speak with the folks at Ayre they also suggest that you do this. And most units that are older t... 
Ayre V-3 vs BAT VK-200 vs Classe' CA-200
I would have to agree with goldmans statement. I beleive the Ayre is highly under rated...Best-Gary 
Ayre V-3 vs BAT VK-200 vs Classe' CA-200
Get the upgrades! I too have an Ayre V3 with all but the Ayre Conditioner upgrade and would not trade that baby in for anything. I have compared the Ayre to the Krell KSA S series and FPB series and found it far more musical IMO. I also would agre... 
Maggie 3.6 versus 3.5
See the August issue of Stereophile. That will tell all. 
Vandersteen 2ce vs. Meadowlark Kestrel
You might also want to try the Vandersteen 2ce Sigs. Overall a slightly more refined design. Have you ever listened to a pair of Magnapans? I have a pair of 1.6's a just love them. All the best. Gary 
I am running a pair of 1.6's with an Ayre V3 and find the match to be quite good. Like the best of tube and solid state rolled into one. IMHO. All the best-Gary 
My Only Question Is.........
If you want to stay away from a preamp but still do analog you could get a EAR 834P. That is a phono preamp that plugs directly into you amp. You just have to make sure you get the one with the volume control on it. It is a tubed unit and just sou... 
Mid Fi Cd Player with the Most Bass
I too have an original Cal Icon which I had upgraded to the Power Boss and the difference is amazing. The difference between the stock unit and the upgrade are not even in the same league. Plus you get HDCD, depending on how old your unit is you m... 
Subwoofer for Magnepan 1.6?
I too have a pair of 1.6's and in a small room you might want to consider just using them without a sub for a while, get to know them on their own terms, their bass is surprising good and after the break in period gets even deeper. I too was consi... 
Spkr Cble- Analysis Oval 9- reviews?
Barry- Thanks for your feedback. Everything you mentioned is what people have been telling me about this cable. I can't wait to get it in the system. 
Spkr Cble- Analysis Oval 9- reviews?
Carl- You can get EVS attenuators fron Rick Schulz at your into passives he's the man. He also does mods on certain stuff and has lots of very cool tweaks. 
Spkr Cble- Analysis Oval 9- reviews?
I know I'm off this tread, but has anyone listened to the Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 Veracity. I have yet to hear these but they will be going between an Ayre V3 and Maggie 1.6's bi-wired? Just thought I would ask. Thanks in advance for any feedback.