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Tweaking and Moding my Nad AMP
If your intent on tweaking I would go to this is a site put up by the master tweaker himself Rick Schultz of EVS ( Electronic Visionary Systems ). Personally I would take the NAD into your backyard and just shoot it. There is so muc... 
phono amp for high output MC carts
If you want to listen to music pick up the EAR 834P. It is a wonderful tube preamp (phono only) which can be had new for $895. I picked up mine from a dealer demo unit for $625, truly a steal. I've also heard the Audio Research PH3 which I found h... 
Passive vs. active preamps
I have had a passive preamp for the past six years, and I have to tell you that they are very transparent. BUT, after a point I felt that they are also a flat and lacking that 3D quality the real music has. I have just purchased an Audible Illusio... 
Ayre V3 VS. Krell KSA 100 S
This follow up is to Hiendmmoe: Thanks for the input. I would be interest in your V3. What would you be looking to sell it at? You can email me at: [email protected]