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Best short-lived band?
NO-BRAINER: The Beatles. 
best artists in the last 15 years
radiohead, the white stripes. 
The eternal quandary
Interesting question. All I can add is this:Years ago,(before I knew who he was), I purchased a collection of Chopin songs on cd. One eveing while cooking dinner I played this cd on a cd/radio which mounts under a kitchen cabinet; hardly audiophil... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Chopin's nocturne op9 no.2 performed by Arthur Rubinstein, Schubert's Ave Maria, and Hot For Teacher by Van Halen. Sorry, but the last one is very dear to me...... 
"Budget" cable advice, please
I love this topic. An OUTSTANDING value in audio cables is DNM. I replaced about $9,000 worth of cable in my system (Kimber Select, Nordost, Purist), with $700 worth of DNM cable and didn't look back. As amazing as that is, it's still not the bigg... 
Eichmann Bayonet plugs user experience
Turns out you were correct Dave. My appologies. Actually, my dealer should send out an appology to everyone that was affected by this unacceptable blunder. 
Eichmann Bayonet plugs user experience
My dealer terminated my Eichmanns incorrectly. Apparently, he never lined up the spring wire with the housing as Scar972 said to do. Turns out, of my 12 bananas, 7 were made incorrectly. I only noticed 5. Anyway, I'm not using them anymore as I've... 
Eichmann Bayonet plugs user experience
I didn't assemble anything. The US importer for DNM put them on. He raved about the Eichmanns, and rightfully so. They sound very clean and neutral. However, after I told him my complaints, he told me that he has RECEIVED MANY COMPLAINTS FROM CLIE... 
Eichmann Bayonet plugs user experience
Five defective plugs out of twelve? You're probably right. Maybe if I bought twenty four I could finish the job. BTW, two of my friends have the Eichmanns and both reported plugs falling apart. Or, maybe I'm just too young to find the hole. 
Eichmann Bayonet plugs user experience
ABSOLUTELY WILL NEVER GET EICHMANN BAYONET PLUGS AGAIN. Before I recieved them, I was told to be very careful, and I heard about their reliability issue. I literally laid down on the floor, on my stomach, eye level with the speaker's binding posts... 
When did you know that music was your passion?
Wow! I must have been really blitzed. I had a few Martinis before writing this post, so please forgive the (many) grammatical errors. I can't help but laugh while writing this..... 
Has anyone else tried DNM solid core cable?
Greeni: Just so you know, I have a 14 foot length of DNM speaker cable going to my speakers. No problems whatsoever. Have fun! 
Has anyone else tried DNM solid core cable?
Greeni: Let me make this perfectly clear: I think that the DNM cable goes as low as it has to. Many cables do something extra and exagerate other frequencies such as the bass which make you think that it goes deeper, or is more extended in the hig... 
Has anyone else tried DNM solid core cable?
2chnlben: I originally just had the DNM speaker cable. What a huge difference! Deffinately get the speaker cable first. It's a solid core cable. 
What's your profession? Age?
I'm a 32 year old printer. I've worked a hell of a lot of hours for many years. My system is currently at $32,000. When I was 24 my system was around $12,000, so I guess I've had a high end system from a somewhat early age. I don't know If anyone ...