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What time do you wear?
2000 Omega Seamaster. Besides audio, it's the best money I've ever spent. 
Mapleshade cables?? v Anti Cables
Anti-cables sound wonderful. Not only do AC's sound great, but they're rediculously cheep as well. However, they are as stiff as coat hangers and are, in my opinion, difficult to work with. Try DNM. Around the same price, easier to handle, and mor... 
Recommendations for solid core speaker wiring?
By the way Usblues: If you realy want to hear outstanding cable that also happens to be solid core, check out my Crimson's. 
Recommendations for solid core speaker wiring?
Anit cables "...are the easiest of all to use". Now that is "sarcastic to the max". 
Recommendations for solid core speaker wiring?
DNM cable. I must say, I've owned the anti-cables(note past tense). They sound wonderful, however not practical AT ALL. My rack is in the right corner. I ran a 10 foot bi-wired run across the room to the left speaker. The cables literally did not ... 
Audio Elegance furniture
Audio Elegance furniture caught my eye at RMAF and immediately I thought, "this is exactly what I'm looking for". When my system expands, I'm selling my old rack and going with A.E. Build quality is top notch! 
How did you choose your equipment?
Ponnie: I never said magazines were a good way to decide. They are, unfortunately, a common way.Elizabeth: I'm still laughing.... 
Sax 101...
Ckorody: As I was shaking my head "yes" to everything you wrote, I kept thinking: finally, someone took the time to list all of that and educate people who may not have known...I commend you on a great job! 
Jazz music recommended
Sbank is right! You listen to a few cats here and there. This guy played with that guy whose also on so-and-so's album. Next thing you know, you have yourself a library. However, if you're looking for "the more simple format", I don't think Mingus... 
slow, funky, groovin' laid back music
Again, you should here "Portishead, Live At Roseland, NYC". Please let me know if you do. 
Best of RMAF 2008
Thank you for takikng the time for the write up and the pictures. You are doing a very gracious thing for those who did not attend the show. 
Best of RMAF 2008
I really enjoyed the Voloce mono's with battery powered preamp. They made the Kharma speakers sound wonderful. 
slow, funky, groovin' laid back music
You must hear "Portishead: Live AT Roseland, NYC". I think it's perfect for what your asking for. 
TRELJA in Denver - 2008
Thanks for taking the time! I also was at the show and must admit, the Voloce amps and line stage were incredible. I never heard of them and that room was one of the biggest surprises at the show for me. I couldn't believe how well those Kharmas s... 
The best hifi magazine?
HiFi+...I guess. While we're on the subject: I understand that we should read audio mags for the reviews of the SOUND of components, but has anyone noticed that the pictures in Stereophile are lowsy? At least HiFi+ has great pictures so you can se...