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New Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable - Need recommendation for MM Cartridge and Mat
@chakster - Thanks for the reply. Regarding the SAEC Mat: Per an eBay classified I found, it says it is 298mm diameter. That means it is going to sit up in the raised lip of the platter. Considering it is a solid Mat, only the edge on the mat, an... 
Radio frequencies picked up by phono stage.
My cables and interconnects are boutique labels such as Black Cat which give great sound for the price and I am told they are shielded. Some Black Cabels cables are not shielded if it’s not a dedicated PHONO cable. I owned several Black Cat int... 
New Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable - Need recommendation for MM Cartridge and Mat
SAEC SS-300 solid mat is excellent for Pioneer platter. The best cartridge is Pioneer PC-1000 mk2 with Beryllium cantilrver, but it's very rare, the sound signature is very close to the best Stanton cartridges from the '80s. You can use some of th... 
Radio frequencies picked up by phono stage.
Change your phono cable first (if you have another), make sure it's shielded phono cable. I hope some of your audio friends can give you another phono cable. If you have broken soldering joint in one of your RCA or DIN connector you need another c... 
Cartridge alignment, WallyTractor, SmartTractor, oscilloscope and Analogmaigk.
How many protractors do you need to setup your cartridges/tonearms and enjoy the music? For my 6 turntables and 11 tonearms all I need is one brand new Dr. Feickert NG protractor and nothing else!   
Dustcover Blues
Did you ever measure your room with EQ Wizard (it’s free software) ? You can see what's going on in your room with low frequency.  
Radio frequencies picked up by phono stage.
Fidelity Research FR7F history/changes
@chakster looks in the mirror each morning he sees a young 17 year old man, hasn’t aged a bit in 50 years.I’m 45 soon, not 67Some of my NOS cartridges are a bit younger than me, but we are good. Some of my tubes are much older than me and they are... 
Fidelity Research FR7F history/changes
Nowhere did I mention the FR-7 cart as having suspension problems, but as often as you mention all your NOS cartridges available its prudent to notethe relevant pitfalls.But this topic is ABOUT FR-7 cartridge.  
New cartridge selection: help wanted
If you want the most involving and organic sound from modern LOMC look for Miyajima Kansui !  
Glanz moving magnet cartridges
I think the M7 is headshell integrated version of the MF71L, some nice and cheap Glanz are on ebay now from Japan, but not the M7. BTW I don’t want to sell my MF-61 :)@dgob would be nice to read about your new discoveries, any interesting stuff in... 
Fidelity Research FR7F history/changes
@totem395 you never owned FR-7 series, because you don’t even know about SEALED SUSPENSION, clever design from Ikeda-San. This cartridge NEVER suffer from suspension problem! Never ever!NOS sample of the FR-7f (or fz) is a Holy Grail! :) 
A pitch too High!
Since platter level can affect anti-skating, it's important to do this first (Also buy a blank record to verify anti-skate response. I found that my Technics 1200G anti-skate dial is close to being accurate but very slightly over compensates).Anti... 
Forum admiration and requested guidance
I am impressed to see how the walls are knocked down with a kick if is necessary a renovation because I see that they are hollow inside and built with light panels and supporting wood; they are not made of brick or reinforced concreteBrick wall i... 
Top 5 Reaons to NOT BUY A TURNTABLE.
CD music is much, much better than playing a turntable. only if you're stuck in the '90s forever