I would love to know if there any Zu owner out there that have tried both solid state and tubes and went (why) with SS. Until Phil turned me [still teachable after all these years] onto tubes some years back, I was an SS purebread, however I never listened to my Defs or any Zu speaker run with solid state. My last solid state relationship, which was drop dead the best I have had, was with yba electronics. Many have little to no listening experience with this French wonder. The sweetest high current wpc I ever heard. I would love to hear a YBA Passion stereo amp, hooked up to my Bel Canto preamp SET. The marraige could be something to rocket the Zu world...lol..Anyway, I would be interested hearing experiences with Zu speakers via SS electronics. Easy on the similes and metaphores..lol..let's have some fun with this baby...It's a cold rainy weekend out here in paradise--how many books and logs am I going to burn? I'm not Mr Fix it either.. I have no life today. Save me... :)
I've used numerous SS amps on the Definition IV's including the ASR Emitter and my current amp Abbingdon Music Research AM-777...It's a fantastic match with the Defs. The DP-777 dac hogs all the attention of the media as a superlative component and the AM-777 deserves the same love if you ask me.
Keithr is a good person to chime in on this thread regarding his SS experience.
Listening to some Coltrane right now and on the laptop. Life couldn't be better. Anyway, if you're up to it, I'll cart my (sons soon to be when he moves into his condo) Forte Model 3 class A amp down when I visit you.
Mark, thanks so much for the offer. Everything will depend on the ubiquitous, "timing" thing, but I hope that can happen. What's your call with the Forte Model 3. You don't have to get into esoteric metaphorical lingo. Keep it real, and I'll know what you mean. Coltrane...my man, right after the monster of all: Charlie Parker. Parker was connected to something greater than man can ever understand. BTW, what you be listening to?
You're not trying to get out of treating me to dinner are you (McDonalds, remember)? LOL

I actually haven't hooked it into my Zu's yet. I have it on my "must do" list, before my son takes it away. I think I read somewhere that you can feed these Def 4's mucho power, and they like it. I'm not up for ear bleeds though.
Warrenh, Marc here. The Def4s are providing a real taste of happiness being at the apex of the long uphill climb to audio nirvana. I've been v.tempted to try all tubes like Phil recommends (Audion or Atmasphere/Dave Berning), but I'm getting a really excellent synergy with my discontinued Hovland tube HP200 pre/SS radia pow, that I'm really happy to stop here. I wouldn't say no to trying all tube, but my tube/SS combination really shines with the 4s more than it ever did with the 2s, and so I'm happy to get off at this exit.
BTW, with the added wait you'll love your 4s even more.
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